Creating Tradeshow Magic

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Dea & Mustafa bring sexy back to NALMCO

This week, we were in Orlando, FL for the 58th Annual NALMCO Convention and Tradeshow. If you haven’t heard of NALMCO, it’s the interNational association of lighting management companies.

What were we doing at a lighting convention? Good question. When we first made plans to go to the convention, we did it to support our client, NALMCO. We were just planning on hanging out at the event and meeting some new people. Then, NALMCO called and asked us to host a booth. All of a sudden, we had a lot of work to do.

As an ad agency, we help clients prepare for trade shows all the time but we’ve never actually hosted our own booth at a tradeshow before. So, we decided to take the advice we normally give clients and apply it to the NALMCO tradeshow.

We made it fun.
Unless you’re Magnum P.I., mustaches are funny. By comparing brands to mustaches, we got people laughing and opened the door for conversation about branding, advertising and our agency. 

We kept it simple.
Most people want to clutter their trade show graphics with thousands of words about their company and every single product and service they offer. But, we grabbed people’s attention by keeping it simple.

We created an experience.
During the tradeshow, we sponsored a photo booth where people could get their picture taken wearing mustaches and other wacky disguises. It was a huge hit – people loved posing for the camera with their coworkers, friends and family.

We gave stuff away.
To make a lasting connection with people, we gave out postcards to help them remember what we do and how to contact us when they get home.

We made a lasting impression.
The last night of the convention, we created a quick video with a slideshow of all the pictures taken at the photo booth. We didn’t mention our agency at all, instead we chose to focus on the people at NALMCO and how much fun they had at the convention. The video was a great way to wrap up the event and send people home with happy memories about the experience we created.

Big thanks to NALCMO and all the people who came out for the convention – We loved every minute.

When it comes to advertising and marketing, we mean business.