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ZPower, One of Our Newest Clients

ZPower is one of our newest clients!

Pasadena-based advertising agency Echo-Factory announced that it has signed ZPower LLC as a client.

ZPower is a Camarillo, Calif.-based manufacturer of silver-zinc rechargeable batteries and systems. The company’s innovative battery technology can match or exceed the performance of the lithium-ion batteries typically found in smartphones and laptops. The batteries’ ability to function in a very small size makes them perfect for specialty applications like hearing aids and wearable medical devices.zpower llc logo

“I believe that over the next year, ZPower is going to drastically change the hearing aid market,” said Michael Schaffer, co-founder and partner at Echo-Factory. “I’m thrilled that Echo-Factory gets to be a part of that process.”

ZPower’s innovative recharging system will allow hearing aid wearers to charge their hearing aids overnight, just like a smartphone. The batteries will provide more than 24 hours of power, even in today’s most advanced and power-hungry models.

“Echo-Factory was an easy choice for us,” said Dr. Ross Dueber, chief executive officer and director at ZPower. “We loved their company culture and past work. They’re out to disrupt an entire industry, just like us.”

Echo-Factory will be working on a range of projects for ZPower over the coming months, starting with the launch of ZPower’s new rechargeable solution for hearing aids.

“There are two things that make an ideal client, from my perspective,” said Dea Goldsmith, co-founder and partner at Echo-Factory. “Someone who’s making a genuinely good product, and someone who’s making the world a bit better in the process. ZPower definitely checks off both those boxes.”

The underlying battery technology used in ZPower’s products has been used for mission-critical aerospace and military applications for decades, including powering Apollo space missions, undersea vehicles, missiles and naval torpedoes. However, it took ZPower’s research and innovation to develop a silver-zinc battery that could be safely recharged hundreds of times with minimal energy loss.

The batteries are also very environmentally friendly. Each ZPower hearing aid battery can replace about 100 disposable batteries, and ZPower batteries are fully recyclable through the company’s own in-house recycling program. ZPower’s batteries are manufactured in Camarillo, Calif.

“Our company has built a product that we’re very proud of,” said Dr. Dueber. “Now we’re confident we have the right partner to help us share that product with the people who need it most.”

Recent Update! Check out the details of the recent ZPower Product Launch.


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