Behind The Scenes Aug 10, 2021

Welcome Lorenzo, Our New Account Director

What do you get when you take a multilingual marketing professional with 15 years of ad agency experience and strong strategic and creative drive? Meet Lorenzo Martone, our new Account Director.

Lorenzo brings years of experience from agencies like Select and Chandelier Creative (plus running his own PR agency!), as well as a background in fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands. Working under Greg, our VP of Account Leadership, Lorenzo is already taking the brand lead on clients like Motiv, Custom Case Group, Drone Hangar, Kvaser and Eagle Eyes.

One reason why Lorenzo loves his job is that he gets to be involved directly with clients, supporting both strategy and creative. Part of why he chose Echo-Factory is because of the opportunity to wear a lot of hats. “I was living in a marketing bubble, and working here has let me expand my horizons and interests,” Lorenzo says.

Originally from São Paulo, Brazil, Lorenzo has recently put down roots in Silverlake with his partner and two dogs, Frodo and Mia. He likes to start his mornings with a shot of apple cider vinegar. He says it helps him to set a healthy mindset and intentions. Looks like we’ll have to give it a try!

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