The Next Big Thing

Everyone knows that social networking can help build your brand, expand your network and create an online presence for potential employers, advisors and clients. However, keeping up with the trends can be exhausting.

Every time we turn around there is a new self-promotion app that offers a new look at your brand. Recently, Vine (by Twitter) has caught the attention of social media enthusiasts. After some rough beginnings, Vine made it to the top of the free apps list earlier this week.

So what is Vine? It’s a new way to enhance your tweets by allowing you to embed 6-second videos. Think of it as an extension of Twitter, part Instagram and part Youtube; its premise: create a six second video montage to tell a story.

For advertisers like us, it’s great. Look at what this peanut butter company was able to create here.

For the especially creative individual it works too. See this woman’s six second resume here.

You Have Six Seconds, Go!

So is it right for your brand? Well, you have to keep in mind that not all types of social media are a good fit for every business model. As a restaurant, your business might flourish with use of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, while a business to business company would make better use of Linkedin or Google+ for its social media outreach. What Vine tries to do for companies, is get the word out about your business through instant narrative.

If you’re skeptical try to remember a lot of story telling can happen in just six seconds. Plus, Vine offers free marketing and caters to ever shrinking attention spans. That alone might be incentive enough.

Finally, it never hurts to call in professional help to create and implement a social media plan for your company. Echo-Factory has helped clients build and showcase their products by presenting the right material and placing it in the appropriate social outlets.

Still not positive? AdAge does a nice job outlining potential uses for the app, and proves it can work for a variety of purposes.

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