Uncategorized Oct 06, 2011

Thanks Steve

On a day when the internet is filled with outpourings of gratitude for a man who left us yesterday, we wanted to add our voice of thanks to the choir. 

The devices and software that Steve Jobs built are, in many ways, essential to the livelihoods of everyone at our agency.  When we create a catalog or a website, a marketing plan or a branding strategy – the physical act of that creation happens on a machine that wouldn’t exist without Steve.

Every desk in our office houses either an iMac, Macbook Pro, Mac Mini or Mac Pro.  On the way in this morning, I walked through the photo studio and passed a literal stack of iPods (two classics and a touch) that provide the soundtracks to our photo shoots.  And by the time the whole office is at their desks, there will be at least six iPhones and an iPad somewhere in the building. 

Certainly, we could still answer phone calls, send emails, write documents and build websites without Apple hardware and software.  But there’s a reason that the company that Steve built is the de facto standard in our industry.  Their devices are just so damn pleasant to use. And for that, we have Steve to thank.

Which is, all I really mean to say.  Thank you Steve. 

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