Uncategorized Oct 05, 2009

Lunch & E-Commerce, So Happy Together

A big part of working with new companies is understanding that they are necessarily fickle.  Not fickle out of spite or indecision, but fickle because success in new business demands flexibility. 

Case in point – when we launched Amber Pollard’s Lunch à la Mode website a year ago, she never expected to sell her handbags directly from the site.  A couple months ago she started to re-think that plan, and last week we launched the brand new Lunch à la Mode online store.  It’s quite a nice store – but beyond the store itself – what makes it unique is that were able to integrate it with Amber’s existing site, saving her the expense of starting from the ground up.  And we were able to do that without sacrificing the intuitive user experience her customers will have when the visit the new site.

But why should you listen to us when you can check it out for yourself.

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