London Calling

Only a handful of events occur every 4 years: Leap Year, an eclipse, Presidential Elections, and the Olympics. Friday, July 27th, is the start of the 2012 London Olympics. The London games are said to be the “most digital and social” games in history. Advertising campaigns have shifted focus; budgets will be readjusted to target different digital and social media channels in comparison to the 2010 winter games, which used Facebook as the center of its social media campaign. Although Facebook is a main part of social media campaigns for the 2012 Olympics, Intstagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Viddy will see advertising dollars coming their way as well.

Another way the 2012 games are the “most digital and social” to date is through the emphasis on viral marketing campaigns. Media agency, Unruly Media, created a competition between Olympic sponsors such as P&G, Adidas, and BMW, to see which brand would claim the viral marketing gold. The agency designed an infographic, resembling a track, and made each sponsor an avatar on the track. The brand that generates the most buzz, through its videos being shared on Facebook and Twitter, will move around the track in hopes of crossing the finish line first. The infographic will be updated twice a day by the agency. Which brand will claim the viral marketing gold? Click here to find out!