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How Media Works

Fact. Coffee and media go well together.

If you’re not in the ad business, you probably don’t know a lot about media planning and buying. You may even have some misconceptions about how media works. So, let’s clear some of those misconceptions up.

Myth #1
I don’t need an ad agency to create a media strategy.

If you don’t know what terms like CPP and CPM stand for, you probably don’t belong planning and buying your own media. An agency can help you identify the most effective media for your campaign. At Echo-Factory, we research which media vehicles are right for your target audience, then develop a plan that will provide maximum exposure for your campaign.

Myth #2
I can’t afford an ad agency. 

The truth is, you can. When an agency buys media for you, you usually pay what’s called a gross rate for the ad(s). The media outlet then pays the agency a 15% commission for the buy and keeps the rest. Sure, some media outlets may say they’re giving you the net rate or “agency rate” and maybe they are. However, they’re most likely getting that money back by gouging you on the actual cost of the ad(s). That’s why it’s best to let an agency make the buy. Agencies know what you should be paying for an ad versus what the media outlet is charging (see Myth #3). 

Myth #3
I can get the same deals that an ad agency can.

If an agency manages your media buys, you’ll often pay less for ads than if you handle the buys on your own. Agencies usually have long-standing relationships with media outlets, relationships that allow them to negotiate for the best price and get added value. For example, when we negotiate a radio buy for a client, not only do we get them a lower price per spot, but we’re usually able to get that client extra spots, on-air mentions, live remotes or a tie-in with the station’s latest contest or promotion. All these extras help draw more attention to your campaign and don’t cost you anything beyond the cost of the spot(s).

Myth #4
My ad will turn out just as good if I let the media outlet create it.

Like most things in life, you get what you pay for in advertising. Thus, if the media outlet offers to do your creative for free, chances are you’re going to get a poorly executed ad.  A bad ad relects poorly on your brand which is the opposite of what you want your advertising to do. If you have to cheap out on something, don’t make it the creative. Hire an ad agency that will provide you with a creative, well-executed ad based on a sound strategy. Trust me, it’s worth paying a little extra for an ad that makes your brand look its best.

If you have any questions about media that didn’t get cleared up here, give us a call. We’d love to talk with you.

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