How a Hospital’s Marketing Team Helped with the Response to COVID-19

In Brief

  • Huntington Hospital implemented rapid information-deployment strategies to deliver critical, up-to-date information to the community, and quickly evolved its marketing and communications strategy in a fluid situation.

Last week we looked at three Echo-Factory clients who had responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by launching completely new products.  But, that’s not an appropriate response for every company.

Sometimes, the right response is changing the way you deliver and talk about your products and services.

This week we’re looking at one Echo-Factory client operating in the healthcare space, who successfully adapted their communications and product-delivery strategies around COVID.

Rapid COVID-Responses from Huntington Hospital

It’s hard to think of a business that could be more impacted by COVID than a hospital in a major metropolitan area. That was certainly the case for Huntington Hospital, a 600+ bed not-for-profit hospital based in Pasadena, with a 125+ year history of delivering care throughout the San Gabriel Valley.

In early 2020, we worked closely with Huntington to plan out their marketing strategy for the entire year.  By mid-February, we had to throw all that planning out the window, and replace it with a rapid-response based off a situation that could change minute-by-minute.

In the earliest stages of the pandemic, Huntington and other hospitals played a critical role in delivering accurate, timely information as the pandemic took shape. Together with the hospital’s medical and administrative personnel, we helped Huntington to provide the community with medically-backed and up-to-the-minute guidance.

As the pandemic progressed, the community and hospital’s needs shifted frequently. In the buildup to California’s projected peak, Huntington Hospital worked closely with the city of Pasadena to build surge capacity for COVID patients in non-traditional locations like the Pasadena convention center.  At the same time, we helped them reach out to retired healthcare providers to provide surge capacity as needed.  After California was able to flatten the curve of its initial peak, we were able to help Huntington let the community know that it was important for them to take care of other healthcare conditions they may have been putting off.

Throughout the entire process, an agile communications strategy that could adapt in real-time to rapidly changing conditions was essential.  While both Huntignton’s team at Echo-Factory, and the hospital’s internal marketing team are looking forward to more stable times in the years ahead, we’re proud of the response and communications we’ve been able to deliver during the pandemic.  And of course, the response from Huntington’s doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers has been nothing short of heroic.

Modifying Your Marketing During the Pandemic

Whether you’ve developed entirely new products and services in response to COVID, or you’re simply tweaking the way you market and deliver those services, the need for an agile, responsive and expert partner has never been more clear.

If you’re looking for a hand, we’d be happy to help.  Just let us know.