Free [Very Unprofessional] Fonts!

We have much the same relationship with fonts that squirrels have with nuts. We dash around madly collecting, heedless of our actual need, often forgetting where we’ve put them, but absolutely certain that some day our survival will depend on the quantity we’ve collected. It’s an addiction.

Free fonts make this obsession much more affordable. We’re devotees of sites like Dafont that provide a nearly limitless supply of typographic material. But the relationship was one-sided. We were always “take take take” while the internet was always “give give give.” We’ve only consumed fonts, never produced them.   Now, that’s changed.

Our transition from consumers of typefaces to makers is entirely thanks to, a website that makes it laughably easy to style yourself as a one-person foundry. Simply download and print their template, fill it out, upload it, and *poof* – they provide a remarkable .ttf file which represents your very own handwriting.

In celebration of this earth-shattering technology, we have each followed the process and created our own font.