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Finding The Right Ad Agency

Superbowl Sunday reminds us all of the power of advertising. Take GoDaddy.com. In 2005, no one had ever heard of the domain name registry company, until it ran a 30-second commercial during that year’s Superbowl. Since then, GoDaddy has captured almost 50% of the market share for domain name registry. Whether you spend millions or a few thousand, great advertising creates buzz – it gets people talking about your company. But to get great advertising, you need a great agency – one that cares about your business as much as you do.

Famous ad man Leo Burnett once said “Advertising is the ability to sense, interpret…to put the very heart throbs of a business into type, paper and ink.” At Echo-Factory, we believe it’s easier to promote a company you believe in. That’s why we work with clients that are passionate about the same things we are.

For instance, we really care about the planet which is why we leapt at the chance to help RPS Environmental Solutions with their branding, marketing and advertising. From naming to web development to package design and more, we’ve helped RPS relaunch and expand their company. We enjoyed working with RPS so much that we couldn’t wait to help them launch two more companies: ḠO™ Commercial and Believe™. All three companies are committed to improving air quality and reducing environmental pollution. We believe they’re making the world a better place and we’re happy to help them spread the word.

While it’s great to work with an agency that’s passionate about your company, it’s not so great to work with one that treats you like a client, not a friend. We believe agencies do their best work for people they like. We try to establish strong relationships with our clients by going above and beyond what they ask for.

Recently, Echo-Factory was called upon to rebrand Aero Pneudraulics, a company that provides overhaul and repair services for business, commercial and military aircraft. They asked for a logo redesign. So, we sat down to brainstorm logos, but then we started thinking about their name. Let’s face it, Aero Pneudraulics is hard to say and spell. So, we did what any good agency should, we asked if we could help them change it. After brainstorming, we came up with a list of names and taglines we felt were right for their company. Soon they’ll have a beautifully crafted logo and a great name to go with it.

It’s clients like RPS and Aero Pneudraulics that make us love advertising. These clients let us do what we do best: build brands and make good companies better.

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