Facebook Marketing Survival Guide: 9 Ways To Win

So, you’ve got your company page up with, you’ve been posting about once a week, there are some pictures of that office retreat in an album. Likes trickle in from non-employees from time to time. Everything seemed simple enough. Then stuff started to get complicated.

Underneath the like button on your personal page there is another world of social media strategy, but never fear, Echo-Factory has got your Facebook survival guide all ready to go. It’s got all the tips, tricks and info you need to navigate your way through Facebook marketing, Facebook ads and building a Facebook fan base. We’ve also thrown in some basic survival tips in case of zombie virus outbreak, bear attacks and avalanches.

 Before You Start

You might question social media marketing, but it’s actually a really important skill set in today’s advertising.  So, take off you luddite hat and if need be, enlist some professional help.

Here’s Some Facts:

Over the last few years social media has become more than a presence in business; it’s become entire 40 hour per week job titles (Social Media Coordinator, Community Development Specialist); there is an entire degree offered in Social Media (Northeastern University, Masters in Social Networking, University of Florida Masters in Communication emphasis on Social Media), and some companies function only through Social Media (Lyft cabs and Spotify aren’t available unless you have a Facebook account). The chances of you getting business from Facebook marketing (not just Facebook presence) increases by more than 60% over regular outbound marketing. Now that you’re sold on its value, let’s get started.

Status Updates

You’ll need a little more than just a confession about “What’s on your mind?”

Now Is The Time to Put Your CTAs to Work

fingers-01Post for Engagment

-Facts: Use them to stir curiosity

-Tips: People respond to free advice

-Links: Short URLs get more clicks than long ones, so use bit.ly to keep those links short (plus get them tracked!)

-Ask: A question, a punchline, or use a CTA

fingers-02Use Strategy

-Think about SEO and Hashtags as the same family. It’s about relevant key words, use them wisely.

-Be highly responsive. It’s not just about showcasing; it’s also about conversation. People love knowing someone is listening, and if you’re positive and understand that social media is about being social you should be golden.


fingers-03Everyone Loves a Meme

-Don’t be afraid to put some text on top of your pictures. It kills two birds with one stone.

-Take risks. Puppies might have nothing to do with your business, but everyone loves a good fluffy picture.

-Look at the facts; photos get twice the response that status updates do. Market from the image.

fingers-04Use Prime Real Estate

The cover photo feature is pretty new, and it’s a perfect place to get attention. Think billboard attention. Facebook adjusted it’s rules on call to actions, so that you can put them right into the cover photo (as long as it’s less than 20% of the image space).



Understand Those Pesky Algorithms 

We’re not going to make you do any math, just understand that Facebook uses them.

Facebook uses algorithms to determine where posts show up on news feeds, the more interaction, the more relevant. If you know the system, you can work it.

fingers-05 Insider Tip:

The Algorithm system considers:

-Age of post

-Interaction with post (Comments are better than Likes for news feed visibility)

-Past behavior of individual user, in other words, a browser that prefers photos will see lots of photos. It’s your job to appeal to a range of personalities.


 fingers-07Find a Fan Base More Loyal than 12 Year-old Girls

There are lots of types of friends and fans you can have on Facebook. We broke it down for you.

-Potential Fan: A friend of a fan.

-Engaged Fan: This person likes your page, but doesn’t drive traffic there. The engagement stops the second he clicks Like. Your content may or may not show up in his news feed.

-Advocate Fan: Any comments from a fan are great, and if you can start an actual conversation or convince them to share the content will show up more in their news feed, plus their friend’s news feed. They are the app using fans.

-Purchasing Fan: A fan that gives basic data permissions and purchases from you.

-Super Fan: (Crying at the feet of One Direction) The best type of fan. He gave you basic data permissions, purchased from you, and engaged enough to lead another fan to buy from you.


Facebook has their own ad builder set up, it’s fairly straightforward, but if you need help with it we can certainly give you a hand. Before you write the ad you’ve got to figure out what type of ad you want and where you’re going to put it.

fingers-08Follow the 20% Text Rule

Your ads can’t have too much text or you’ll get penalized, and still have to pay for the ad. It’s okay though, because pictures can speak louder.

The Right Content

-Offers: For people unfamiliar, but interested, a limited amount of a package creates a sense of urgency, offer fans a deal they won’t want to miss.

-Custom Audience: Facebook allows you to import your contacts to a custom audience list, so those who have done business with you in the past will see your ad. This has the greatest ROI.

-Promoted Posts: Be careful with these ads, they can look like spam to a user who doesn’t like your brand already. Instead make use of promoted posts only with preexisting fans.

fingers-10Remember, Location, Location, Location 

-Side Bar Ads: These ads do really well for Like ads, people might be interested enough to click it, but not want to leave the current page.

-News Feed Ads: For sales driven ads, you’re better off embedding them in with the newsfeed, and in the mobile app that ad space is 2.5 times more likely to get clicked on.


Got it?

Those are the basics. If you’re still not sure you can survive with out a social networking sherpa, we’re here to help.

 Oh, and here are the other tips we promised you:

-Bears are clumsy on the downhill. You have a better chance of getting away from a bear running downhill, but still, you’re probably toast.

-When an avalanche of snow starts dragging you under, just revert back to your swimming classes. Paddle and kick uphill to stay above the snow as much as possible. Also, ditch the gear if you can.

-In the event that a zombie attacks, remember that the motorcycle is the best bet for fleeing infestation of the undead. It’s fast, easy to maneuver and no hops ons. Plus we know where to get riding helmets.