Uncategorized Sep 21, 2012

Promoting So Cal’s Most Challenging Ride

If you have to ask what the Tour de Foothills is, you’re probably not into cycling. In Southern California, the Tour de Foothills is one of the most grueling cycling events around, and we’re fortunate enough to call them a client.

This is our second year as their marketing agency and we’re proud to say the event and the marketing has only gotten better.

This year, the Tour will be timing portions of the ride and offering King and Queen of the Mountain awards to people with the best time. The event will now also include VIP packages and a post-ride beer garden.

Since the Tour de Foothills has changed a lot from last year, we felt the marketing needed to reflect those changes. So, along with new posters, direct mail, email blasts, social media and PPC campaigns, and blogging, we decided to create a video that provided a glimpse of what riding in the Tour feels like.

The video appeals to the competitive nature of cycling and challenges riders to prove they’re the best riders in So Cal. How do they prove that? By making sure they cross the finish line before the others do.

Thanks to the Tour de Foothills for letting us be part of such an amazing event. We can’t wait to ride with So Cal’s finest cyclists Nov. 10.

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