Uncategorized Aug 22, 2012

Dodger Day

Yesterday was one of the most epic Dodger Day’s to date, and I think everyone here would agree. We came into the office planning to go to the Dodger game after work, eat some Dodger Dog’s, drink beer, yell at Giant’s fans, and have a great time. What we didn’t plan for was a huge surprise that made the day one to remember.

Even though the Dodger’ lost to the Giant’, Echo-Factory had a huge win as a company. Yesterday afternoon, we found out that we became the new advertising agency to represent a big new client (more details coming soon) and we couldn’t be more excited for this new opportunity. Not only did we celebrate with bottles of champagne, we also took over the $2 sushi restaurant down the street for lunch. Between 9 of us, we consumed 56 plates of sushi. I think we’re all looking forward to what next year’s Dodger Day has in store.

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