Uncategorized Mar 16, 2012

Developing Your Personal Brand

Ray – Our Personal Branding Tour Guide

A few weeks ago, one of our clients, Dr. Karen Sibert, a Princeton alum, invited us to speak at Princeton Global Net Night 2012. For this event, Princeton alumni groups get together in different cities across North America to listen to speakers discuss topics related to the Internet’s effect on the world. Our topic was personal branding.

So, this Wednesday, we went to L.A. to meet the Southern California chapter of Princeton Alumni group, and listen to Ray speak about personal branding.

We’re really glad we did. We got the chance to meet some very interesting people. For instance, we talked to Dr. Martin Monti, an assistant professor in UCLA’s Cognitive Psychology department, who spends his time studying how the brain processes thoughts, behaviors and emotions. And, we can’t forget Beata Pozniak Daniels, an actress featured in Oliver Stone’s JFK, Babylon 5 and a ton of other American and European films.

We also got the chance to hear Ray give an awesome talk on building a personal brand online. The talk was so good even Mike stayed awake to listen to it.

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