Mike Gives ‘Foreign Branding Tips’ in CSQ Magazine

Echo-Factory’s CEO, Mike Schaffer, is back in the news; thankfully, this time, he’s provided us with some awesome foreign branding tips, rather than discussing his plan to liberate the entire giant anteater population from the LA Zoo.

Mike’s article, “Bringing Brands Across the Pond,” just dropped in the latest issue of CSQ magazine.

In the article, he gives four tips for European brands hoping to succeed in the United States. What’s great is that these incredibly helpful branding tips are based off our own experience working with Euro-imports Dainese, AGV, Jobe and Kvaser. You’ll learn how you can do things like use stereotypes to your advantage and lay local groundwork with social media to maximize your foreign branding efforts here in the good ol’ USA.

You could wait for the magazine to hit your mailbox, but who has that kind of time? Why not instantly gratify yourself and read Mike’s article here?