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3 Companies Who Pivoted to Deliver COVID-19 Solutions

In Brief

  • 3 Echo-Factory clients have pivoted to launch new products that fight COVID-19
  • FSC Lighting launched SafeClass, a suite of COVID-fighting lighting technologies for classrooms.
  • Fulgent Genetics pivoted from genetic testing to COVID-19 testing and launched back-to-campus and back-to-work COVID-19 testing and tracking solutions.
  • Eagle Eyes worked with its suppliers to quickly deliver high-quality, durable, and reusable face-shields.

The onset of COVID-19 in early 2020 brought with it unprecedented challenges for our world and many businesses. Estimates suggest that over 100,000 businesses have closed in the United States since the pandemic began.

But while nearly every business has experienced some kind of challenge from the pandemic, others have found opportunities. Not just opportunities to sustain their businesses during a pandemic, but opportunities to provide meaningful solutions as we continue to fight a deadly virus.

Three of Echo-Factory’s clients fall into that category of companies who used their existing capabilities, connections, and ingenuity to develop new products and expand their business models into directly confronting COVID-19.

COVID-Fighting Lighting from FSC

Pre-pandemic, FSC made energy-efficient LED lighting for commercial, industrial, and government facilities. They were well-known for their energy-efficient solution, in-house customization, and innovative, intelligent lighting solutions.

But, earlier this year, when the nation started to look at safely restarting in-person school, FSC CEO John Watkins saw an opportunity to be part of the solution.

“Everyone wants kids to be back in school, in-person,” said FSC CEO John Watkins. “The only question is, can we do it safely?”

“We saw an opportunity to help get us a lot closer to ‘yes’.”

With a combination of internal product developments and partnerships, FSC launched its brand new SafeClass product suite earlier this summer.

The SafeClass suite includes three key components:

  • CleanWhite™ pathogen-fighting LED lights that can safely illuminate classrooms when they’re occupied
  • CleanBox UV sterilization boxes that mount like traditional lights and kill bacteria and viruses like COVID-19 at a rate of 1,000 sq. ft. of air every 11 minutes
  • Virtual Midnight automation, which automates a classroom sterilization-cycle while classrooms are unoccupied

While typical product launches can take months, we worked closely with FSC to develop SafeClass’s branding, and launch the new product in about 2 weeks.

SafeClass technologies are already installed in several schools and school districts around the country and slated for installation in many more in the coming weeks and months.

“Someday, hopefully soon, we’ll be past the current COVID crisis,” says Watkins. “But even then, classrooms with SafeClass will be more resistant to spreading the flu, colds, and other common diseases.”

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If you’re a parent, teacher, or school administrator who wants to learn more about SafeClass, go here.

Back-to-Work & Back-to-Campus Testing Solutions from Fulgent Genetics

Pre-COVID, Fulgent Genetics offered genetic health-screening services to both healthcare providers and individuals. Their genetic testing services can help patients and doctors understand their health risks for a wide range of conditions and take action to mitigate many of those risks as early as possible.

When COVID hit, Fulgent recognized that a lab that was set up for genetic sequencing could easily pivot to COVID-19 testing, and the company’s software development capabilities meant that they could quickly launch a range of tools targeted at COVID-related challenges.

So, they did.

Fulgent rapidly developed and, with the help of Echo-Factory, deployed a number of COVID-19 solutions.

The company’s at-home testing kits enable individuals to take COVID-19 tests from the comfort of their own homes and get results in as little as 2 days.

For businesses and educational institutions, Fulgent developed back-to-work and back-to-campus solutions that combine planning, testing, analytics, and management tools. Essentially, an all-in-one solution for businesses, colleges, and universities.

Northwestern University was one of Fulgent’s first back-to-campus customers.

Fulgent’s also been developing solutions for cities, counties, health departments, and private companies working to offer testing services to the product. Fulgent has contracted with outside testing operators to process results quickly and reliably, and they’ve developed software solutions to help manage testing sites, appointment booking, and more.

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Eagle Eyes Goes from Sunglasses to Face Shields & Protective Eyewear

Before COVID, Eagle Eyes developed a reputation and loyal following for their sunglasses and eyewear that incorporate NASA-optic technology and exclusive in-house lens technologies. The company’s fans know firsthand how Eagle Eyes lenses can help to protect and enhance their vision.

But, when COVID hit and demand for safety gear outstripped supply, company CEO Alan Mittleman saw an opportunity to help.

Alan worked with his manufacturing partners to quickly pivot from sunglasses to safety gear. By accelerating the process, Eagle Eyes was able to offer businesses and individuals high-quality, reusable face shields and safety eyewear when many traditional manufacturers were out of stock.

“We knew this was something we could do,” said Mittleman, “but we weren’t sure if people would care.”

People cared. Even as Eagle Eyes worked to ramp up manufacturing capacity for their safety products as quickly as possible, each batch sold out almost immediately.

“If you’re just wearing a face shield or safety glasses for a few minutes every day, it might not matter what quality they are or what the optics are,” said Mittleman. “But we’re hearing from customers who are wearing them for an entire shift, or hours every day. For those customers, comfort and optical quality are important considerations.”

Now that it’s established a footing in the safety-eyewear marketplace, Eagle Eyes plans to continue its work in this space even after the pandemic ends.

“A good portion of our orders have come from businesses that have always needed protective gear from their employees,” said Mittleman. “When COVID is over, there will still be demand for high-quality protective eyewear.”

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