What Makes Us a
Top Ad Agency?


An Agency Built to Grow Your Business

How did we grow from a garage in Upland to one of Los Angeles’ top agencies? By creating a single-purpose agency with one goal in mind: grow our clients’ business.

How We Grow Your Business

We’ve developed a model that seems simple but is surprisingly unique. We get to know your business and your industry inside and out. We develop content that appeals to your most receptive audiences. We promote that content on the right channels.

The Way We Work

We’ve Developed a Not-Very-Secret Formula for Our Clients’ Success. Here It Is.


We start every new client relationship with research. We get to know you, your company, your competitors, and your customers.

Often, some of what we find is new to you. Always, the information we discover is invaluable in creating a successful marketing plan to drive the growth of your company.

After creating an initial strategy, we revisit it regularly to make sure it’s up-to-date with the realities of your business and marketplace today, and into the future.


Once we understand your company and market, we’re able to develop creative with a purpose. Winning creative awards is nice, and we’ve got a few on our shelves, but we prioritize results.

In fact, the most valuable awards we’ve ever won are emails from our clients, thanking us for helping them meet their goals.

All our creative is goal-oriented and designed to support your growth. Everything we create, from interactive AR experiences to good old-fashioned product brochures, ties back to your goals.


With your goals and creative materials in-hand, we develop data-driven media plans that deliver your message to your ideal audience.

While our team of media experts has experience and relationships with major digital and traditional ad networks, we treat every outreach project as a unique opportunity: “How can we deliver this message to this audience most effectively?”

We make a plan to maximize the results of your outreach, launch it, and then closely monitor and analyze your campaign’s performance so that we can make real-time improvements as the data comes in.


What exactly do we do? The short answer is, whatever our clients need to grow. For a bit longer answer, we’ve listed some of our more common services, separated out into strategic, creative and media services.


Building the foundation of your growth.

Consumer Research

Market Analysis

Competitive Analysis

Media Planning

Public Relations Strategy


User-driven content and experiences that connect people with your brand.



Content Creation



Landing Pages


Driving growth by reaching customers with your message.

Paid Media Placement

Public Relations

Influencer & Blogger Outreach

Email Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Management


We work in a wide range of industries. We’ve been able to successfully help everyone from children’s toy manufacturers to children’s hospitals achieve their growth objectives. But, over the years we’ve earned a reputation for our work in a few specific spaces.


We hire passionate, creative people who love to take on the daily challenges of growing our client’s businesses. The fact that they’re all super cool and good-looking is just a fun coincidence.

Michael Shaffer, Echo-Factory

Mike Schaffer


Greg Kane

Greg Kane

VP Account Leadership

Andrea Kraybill

Andrea Kraybill

People & Operations Director

Jessae Brown

Jessae Brown

Creative Director

Copywriter – Copy writer – SEO – Strategist – Email Copywriter – HealthCare Copywriter – Senior Copywriter – Junior Copywriter – Digital Copywriter – Content Marketing Copywriter – Marketing Copywriter – Social Media Copywriter

Andrew Hoehn

Head of Product

John McCarthy

John McCarthy

Digital Strategist

Lorenzo Martone

Lorenzo Martone

Account Director

Jacqueline Cheng

Jacqueline Cheng

Project Manager

Marcela Holguin

Marcela Holguin

Project Manager

Samantha Sullivan

Samantha Sullivan

Project Manager

Art Director - Senior Art Director - Art lead - Senior Designer - Sr. Art Director - Design Manager - Graphic Designer - Junior Graphic Designer - Marketing Graphic Designer - Website Design Manager - Graphic Artist -

Carl Custodio

Art Director

Leone Ermer

Leone Ermer

Art Director

BreAnn Mueller

Graphic Designer / Front End Developer

Art Director - Senior Art Director - Art lead - Senior Designer - Sr. Art Director - Design Manager - Graphic Designer - Junior Graphic Designer - Marketing Graphic Designer - Website Design Manager - Graphic Artist -

Aude Prachandsitthi

Art Director

Samantha Kowalski

Samantha Kowalski (SK)


Sandra Schaffer


Bear the Dog


Our Best Friend

“What we asked for on paper was help with SEO, but what we got was fun, engaging content that has allowed us to expand our reach and to think about new ways that we can provide benefits to our customers.”