A Different Kind of Agency


Growing Your Business Is Our Dream Job

All of us come to work every day excited to use our brains and our talents to produce creative that helps grow your business. Let’s make each other’s dreams come true!

Pick An Industry, Any Industry

Our clients come from many industries, from healthcare and aerospace to consumer goods and clean tech. Our diversified expertise informs our work with each new client.

We Choose Data Over Trends

We do whatever we can to stay ahead of the curve – because that’s where our clients need to be – but we don’t jump on trends unless the data supports it.


We’re the kind that puts your needs first. (Very un-agency-like, we know.)

We don’t have much of a liquor cabinet, but we do have a kegerator in the conference room stocked by our friends at Last Name Brewing.

We don’t power lunch at the Ritz, but we’re always up for some carne asada fries and a good podcast recommendation.

We hate marketing buzzwords and job titles that end in “Rockstar.” We’ll never try to get you to “optimize the synergies of cross-platform social media convergence,” but we’d be happy to help you authentically connect with your customers.

We’ve been around since the beginning of 2008, and we have a few clients who took a chance on us way back then and are still with us today. Since then, Echo-Factory has grown every year, without exception. But even more impressive is the fact that every single one of our early clients has outpaced us with their own growth.

At the end of the day, we have only one goal: your success. If that sounds right for you, we’d love to hear from you.


What exactly do we do? The short answer is, whatever our clients need to grow. For a bit longer answer, we’ve listed some of our more common services, separated out into strategic, creative and media services.


Helping you find the best way to reach customers with your brand.

Consumer Research

Market Analysis

Media Planning

Public Relations Strategy


Building beautiful things that connect people to your brand.



Content Creation



Landing Pages


Making introductions between your brand and your potential customers.

Paid Media Placement

Public Relations

Influencer & Blogger Outreach

Email Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Management


We hire passionate, creative people who love to take on the daily challenges of launching and growing brands. The fact that they’re all super cool and good-looking is just a fun coincidence. NBD.

Mike Schaffer


Mustafa Abou-Taleb

General Manager

Alysia Camp

Senior Brand Manager

Andrew Hoehn

Media Director

Hayley Raynes

Brand Strategist

Carl Custodio

Art Director

Christina Petre

Traffic Manager

Alex Cumbie

Brand Manager

Roni Ingraham

Office Manager

Andy Alonso

Media Coordinator

Anees Hakim

Media Coordinator

BreAnn Mueller

Front End Developer

Evan Douglas

Digital Design

Danny Carmichael


Sandra Schaffer


Ashley Lyons

Brand Manager

Aulona Gojani


Aude Prachandsitthi

Art Director

Jen Brown


Essence Dennis

Media Coordinator

Nish Nishimura

Project Manager

“What we asked for on paper was help with SEO, but what we got was fun, engaging content that has allowed us to expand our reach and to think about new ways that we can provide benefits to our customers.”

T. Jennings | President, Custom Case Group