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Our newest client: Spiral Toys


Entertainment Tech Company Spiral Toys announced that they’ve selected us to lead their branding and marketing effort, which began with the transition of the name and Stock Ticker Symbol to Spiral Toys (STOY)

Spiral Toys Logo

Kids today are growing up in a purely digital age, a world where computers, tablets, game consoles, and smartphones have become an integral part their lives. Some five-year-olds know more about navigating the Web than their grandparents or even their parents.

Where many adults a few years ago were trying to wrap their brains around connecting to the Web without an Ethernet cord, kids today can’t imagine a world without the cloud and wireless technology.

Technology has even re-shaped children’s interaction with toys. cloudpets in a row
They look like typical stuffed animals, but CloudPets are connected through the cloud to a mobile device application, allowing users to send messages back and forth between the toy and the app.

Spiral Toys, a developer of innovative products in the mobile connected entertainment space that launched its Toy-Fi line last June, was acquired by Rocap, Inc. (formerly OTCQB:ROCP) last July. On Wednesday, the company announced the completion of the name and ticker change to Spiral Toys and “STOY.” The company also said that as part of the re-branding effort, it has partnered with Echo-Factory, a full-service advertising and design firm. Echo-Factory has a pretty impressive portfolio, working with household brands, such as Mag-Lite and General Electric (NYSE:GE), and superstars like Taylor Swift as part of a promotion with Altura Credit Union.

“Echo-Factory understands the space we’re in, and they have the vision and talent to help us continue to build our brand so we can eventually own that space,” commented Spiral Toys CEO Mark Meyers in a press release today.

“We’re excited about Mark’s vision… and to be honest, the technology is just so cool, and that makes Spiral Toys a dream client for us,” added Mike Schaffer, principal at Echo-Factory.

Further, Spiral Toys said today that it has partnered with international toy distributor Jay@Play and On Demand Global to launch CloudPets on Direct Response Television on March 1, 2015. Jay@Play, a division of Jay Franco and Sons, is the distributor behind the popular plush animal brands “CuddleUpPets,” “Hideaway Pets,” “Seat Pets” and more, so the Spiral Toys look to be a natural fit for their distribution channels. Spiral Toys also says it plans to release CloudPets into mass retail stores across the U.S. this August. In a bid to gain exposure, CloudPets commercials will be airing on major kids television networks such as Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and Disney Junior.

Spiral Pets has management with top-level experience in the business and has aligned itself with some marketers that can get the job done. Shares are moving the right direction in the past three months, from a low of 30 cents to 45 cents per share in Wednesday trading (up a penny on 14,000 in volume), equating to a market capitalization of only $18.6 million. Now, the company had better get some product in the warehouse.

We’re Hiring


We’re Hiring a Web Designer

We’re looking for a talented designer to develop online user interfaces that attract, and retain visitors.  Our ideal candidate will have experience planning, designing and implementing websites and apps, and have flexibility to lend a hand with print projects when necessary.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Web Design
  • Website Planning, Wireframing & UI Development
  • Working Closely with Developers, Project Managers & Other Creatives
  • Email Design & Coding
  • HTML & CSS Front End Coding
  • WordPress Site Content Updates


Required Skills & Experience

  • Website, App & UI Design
  • Adobe Creative Suite Expertise
  • Experience With All Stages of Web Design
  • Front-End HTML & CSS Capabilities
  • Experience Designing & Updating WordPress Websites

If you’re a genius of any type and you’re looking to express your genius-ness, contact us

dog wearing glasses using computer - hiring

He’s a genius.


Our Doors Are Open!



Echo-Factory welcomes Pasadena startups

Beginning November 7, we’ll be opening our doors to startups looking for some advice and resources, every Friday in November from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Sitting down with laptop

We’re happy to offer these services for free to startups in the community. We’ve traveled down the same road as many of you and would like to help you overcome the challenges. We know we wouldn’t have gotten to where we are today without significant people who were generous with their time and support. This is our way of giving back, and in general, we like to see other businesses grow and thrive. That’s a big part of our commitment to the work we do for our clients.

So if you’d like to share your story, bounce ideas off of us, or bring us your problems, we’ll be waiting here every Friday.

Coffee, donuts, and laptop

Let us know you’re coming by checking our Eventbrite page. We’ll get the French press ready.

Join us at Connect Week 2014


connect week, innovate pasadena

Innovate Pasadena hosts a series of independently organized events on emerging tech and design trends across the city

Ever since we moved to Pasadena, we’ve been taking in all the city has to offer. One of the many reasons we chose Pasadena for our new company headquarters was to connect with the innovation and startup community. Our very own president, Mike Schaffer, has been involved with Innovate Pasadena for many projects in the past year, including co-organizing Friday Morning Coffee Meetups.

In the tradition of Los Angeles Innovation Week, Innovate Pasadena is hosting Connect Week 2014, October 20-26, with 30 events over 7 days. Join seminars, workshops and social events hosted by businesses and institutions in Pasadena. It’s a chance to learn more about design trends, open data efforts, crowd funding, emerging biotech, 3D printing, successful entrepreneurship and innovation in the City of Roses. Whether you’re the founder of a startup, an entrepreneur, an investor or an average, curious John or Jane Doe, there’s something for everyone at Connect Week.

Get an inside tour of a gaming company at the Business Technology Center. Learn practical tips for early-stage startups at Pasadena City College. Come along for a tech crawl in Old Town Pasadena and network at Barney’s Beanery. Ask questions of a panel of entrepreneurs about crowdfunding sources at Caltech. Attend a job fair (no suits, no ties) and mingle with some of the top tech companies looking for top talent. Immerse yourself in a CSI experience at Pasadena Bioscience Collaborative.

Join the Envision Summit, the first of its kind in Pasadena, where experts and innovators will convene to share their insights on the future drivers of innovation for the next 20 years.

There’s much more, and you can bet we’ll be there. This is a not-to-miss opportunity, and it’s happening right in our neighborhood!

For more information, visit We’ll see you there!

We’re Moving to Pasadena!


So Cal Ad Agency is Moving to Pasadena

Echo-Factory’s New Home is in the Heart of Old Town

Read the official PRESS RELEASE.

In the 19th century, the Old Spanish Trail carried migrants from Santa Fe, New Mexico to what would one day be Los Angeles, California. The Oregon Trail (the real one, not the computer game) carried pioneers west from Independence, Missouri to the Pacific Northwest.

In keeping with the venerable tradition of American westward migration, Echo-Factory is pulling up stakes and heading west on that old 210 freeway in search of greener pastures (metaphorically speaking, we know California is in a serious drought – do your part, conserve water!). We are headed to a new land of opportunity called Pasadena, and we can’t wait for the adventure to begin.

The office is just about finished and we’re packing up. We’ve bought out the bubble wrap sections of every office supply store within a four-mile radius (exaggeration), and we’ve wrapped everything from the staplers to Mike, our fearless co-leader (no exaggeration). We’re boxing up most of the charm, the personality, the creativity and the fun, and we’re shipping it first class, insured and certified to our new location in the heart of Old Town. (Some of that go-get-em positivity is staying back in the Rancho Cucamonga office, which we are keeping open to best serve our Inland Empire clientele.)

Pasadena is a veritable hotbed of innovation and entrepreneurship, and that’s our kind of town. Over the past year, organizations like Innovate Pasadena and the companies they represent have sent over the welcome wagon. We’re looking forward to being a positive contribution to this business community that is creative, artistic, scientific and enthusiastic. And while we’ll miss our Rancho Cucamonga home, as they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

We plan to be up and running at the new location by the end of September. Our new office address is: 36 West Colorado Blvd., Suite 200. We’re on the second level just a hop, skip and a jump away from the Apple Store.

Until then, catch us at Innovate Pasadena’s What’s Up Social next Wednesday, September 17, from 6-9 p.m.

Want to see the new office? Check out our mood boards on Pinterest. Want to watch the moving process in all of its photo-documented glory? Hit up our Instagram. And stay current on company and industry news and trends by following us on Twitter and Facebook.

And, of course, don’t forget to peruse the portfolio before you leave.

MagLite: Rebranding an American Classic



MagLite on The Weather Channel.

The Weather Channel is a cable and satellite TV station that has been broadcasting weather forecasts, analyses and news since the early 1980s. The channel is received by nearly a billion American households and has a viewership of about 210,000. When we had the opportunity to produce two commercials for MagLite on The Weather Channel, we knew the spots would bring vital exposure to the MagLite brand and feature the flashlights at their best. We wrote scripts for both a :15 and a :20 commercial that met the challenge of making an impact in a short timeframe.

“Lights Out”

In this :15 spot, titled, “Lights Out,” we created a desperate scenario that was resolved with the comforting and familiar click of a flashlight. To make an impact, we relied on a strong visual and heart-pounding audio. We wanted viewers to have the sense that, when conditions are bleak, they can count on their MagLite. In order to direct the viewer toward a specific purchase, we created two versions of this commercial, each ending with two featured MagLite models.

The tagline reinforces a sense of security as well as national pride:

“Turn Your Light On, America.”

“There When You Need Us”

In this :20 spot, titled, “There When You Need Us,” we feature a man depending on his MagLite in several extreme situations. Since our deadlines made live action prohibitive, we used custom photography and CG effects to illustrate the message that MagLite can see a person through nearly any unpredictable circumstance. As with the :15 spot, we left the viewer with a CTA image of various MagLite models.

We’re loving working with MagLite, and we think these commercials turned out great. For more insight into this project, check out our most recent press release.

In our next MagLite update, we’ll introduce their new website, still under construction, and discuss the process and logic behind their reorganized and redesigned online home.

Like what you see? Check out our work page to view more Echo-Factory projects and clients.

R.W. Lyall & Company: An Established Industry Leader Expands into New Markets


It’s been a busy summer here at Echo-Factory, and we’re excited to share one of our recently completed projects: the R.W. Lyall & Company rebrand.

Headquartered in Corona, California, with a factory in New Berlin, Wisconsin, Lyall is a family-owned-and-operated business manufacturing pipeline component products for the North American oil and gas industry.

With sales territory stretching across the continental United States, a new and bigger Wisconsin facility, and a push to enter new markets, Lyall needed to update its brand image to better reflect its position as a market leader. Their outdated promotional materials did not accurately reflect their capabilities, and their website needed to be redesigned and reorganized to offer a more expansive view of their technological expertise. The site also needed to be refined to better serve as a sales tool and lead funnel.



New Logo

The Echo-Factory team started by updating the Lyall logo with a new typeface and font, adjusting the placement of the flame to work in new digital formats. We also rebranded Lyall’s marketing communications, presentations and product brochures, refreshing the copy and giving them a clean, sophisticated look.

New Tagline

Next we crafted a new tagline that speaks to the company’s experience and longstanding commitment to excellence:

 “Keeping the Oil and Gas Industry Moving Since 1970.”

New Website

And finally, we completely redesigned and rebuilt the Lyall website. The new site features custom photography of products and manufacturing processes and expanded overviews of all the markets that Lyall serves. Downloadable product brochures, detailed illustrations of product applications, and installation instruction videos enhance the user experience. The site is more easily navigable and is designed to take advantage of all current SEO and SEM opportunities.

Lyall now has promotional materials that reflect who they are—an industry leader poised for growth and expansion. We are proud of the work we have done thus far and are grateful for the opportunity to work with such a great business.

“It was a dedicated effort and true collaboration between our employees and their team to build a website and materials that precisely reflect our company’s expanded capabilities and longstanding commitment to excellence.”

Jeff Lyall, President & CEO

We encourage you to visit the new website:

Stay tuned for more updates on the latest projects from our growing portfolio.





Why SOPA’s bad for Business


If you were anywhere near the Internet on Wednesday, you saw our website and thousands of other sites including Wikipedia and Google participate in a blackout protesting the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and its corresponding bill, the Protect IP Act (PIPA).

If you’re not up to speed on SOPA and PIPA, here’s the deal. The bills seek to block the illegal use of copyrighted content online.

Now, as an ad agency whose bread and butter relies on the creation of ideas, you’d think we’d be for SOPA and PIPA. You’d be wrong. No, we don’t want to see our stuff get ripped off. But, even more than that, we don’t want to see these bills fall into the wrong hands. And, they undoubtably will. Think McCarthy in the 1950s. That’s the level of abuse we’re talking about here.

These bills give people the power to blacklist and shutdown websites based on the smallest perceived infraction. According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), “rightsholders, ISPs, or the government could shut down sites with accusations of infringement, and without real due process.”

So, what happens if your site is blacklisted (deservedly or not)? Well, as you’d expect with any blacklist, other online companies have to shut you out. If you’re advertising through ad networks such as Google AdWords, using Paypal on your site or running an SEO campaign, all that’s over. Under the law, other sites will have to stop linking to your site and search engines will be forced to forget your site exists. Once you’re blacklisted, you turn into persona non grata. No one online will want to associate with you for fear they’ll be blacklisted too.

If you manage to escape being blacklisted, the bills still come with negative consequences. The EFF states that SOPA and PIPA will cost the private sector millions of dollars and reduce online security. Most importantly, the bills will do nothing when it comes to stopping online piracy. The tools outlined by these bills aren’t anywhere near sophisticated enough to keep tech-saavy users, the people doing most of the online pirating, from using content illegally.

Thankfully, we’re making progress. Due to the massive protest from the American public this week, many supporters of SOPA and PIPA have jumped ship. Even the White House has come out against the two bills. With so many against SOPA and PIPA, leaders in the House and Senate have decided to put off voting until some agreement can be reached. What that agreement is or how long it takes remains to be seen. In the meantime, you can help by writing to your representatives in Washington and letting them know just how bad these bills are for you and your business.

Choosing The Right Media


“The medium is the message.” When media theorist Marshall McLuhan made that statement, he believed the medium was more important than the content it presented. While I don’t agree with McLuhan, I do think the media you choose is just as important as the content presented. Media is what gets your message out to your target audience. Choose the wrong media and your campaign’s dead in the water, no matter how creative it is.

But, how do you create an effective media strategy?

1) Define your target audience.
Before you do anything, you need to figure out who you want to reach. Targeting people based on age, gender and marital status is a start but it doesn’t tell you anything about these people: the activities they enjoy, what they like to read, where they like to go. Your goal is to know your target so well that you can talk about them like they’re your best friends.

2) Research your target audience’s media habits.
Find out what media they use and how often. Are there industry publications that are popular with the demographic you’re targeting? Are there events or places they frequent? Once you’ve answered these questions, you can start looking for media vehicles that match your audience’s interests. 

3) Decide if you want reach or frequency.
Ideally, you want to reach as many people as possible as many times as possible. But, if you don’t have a huge marketing budget, you usually have to choose one over the other. To me, it depends on what you’re offering. For instance, if you’re selling pizza, you’d opt for reach. Most people like pizza so mailing out coupons all over the city will probably translate into more pizzas delivered. However, if you’re selling energy-efficient technology, you’d be better off opting for frequency. Your goal is to build relationships over time with the people interested in that type of technology. That means you’ll advertise in places that engage your target audience instead of trying to reach the widest audience possible. 

4) Get creative.
Sometimes the best way to reach an audience isn’t through traditional channels like radio, print or direct mail. Alternative methods can often be cheaper and more effective. Think Facebook contests, mobile apps and blogging. Think advertising on pizza boxes, bar coasters, public bathroom mirrors and urinals. Think vehicle wraps, bike jerseys and golf balls. Think street teams and sponsoring community events. There are a million ways to get your message out, you just have to think creatively.

5) Let the pros handle your media buy.
Hate to be biased here but agencies have long-standing relationships with the media and can get discounts regular people can’t. You’ll get more for your money going through an agency.

Follow these tips and you’re well on your way to a successful media plan that gets the right message to the right people.

New Health Care Client


We’re happy to announce that Echo-Factory has become the agency of record for Allied Anesthesia, an Orange County group of 42 highly respected anesthesiologists.  We pitched the medical group in July, and were selected through a competitive agency review.  The pitch was against other Southern California advertising agencies and Echo-Factory was chosen to be Allied’s new agency of record.

We’ve already started on several projects for Allied, including an initial rebranding.  You can expect to see some of that here in the future.  In the meantime, if you’d like to learn more, check out our press release on our newest client.