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Harness Fast-Moving Opportunities with a ‘Trigger System’

02/05/2017 by Michael Schaffer
marketing trigger system

Why A Trigger System?

Electronic information circles the globe constantly, moving almost at the speed of light. With the endless information comes a steady flow of marketing opportunities. The problem is that, because these opportunities arrive in a real-time, 24-hour cycle, the pace is so overwhelming that we miss most of our chances. To capitalize on these opportunities, it’s important to be prepared ahead of time, so you can respond in real time. (more…)

Using Women To Your Unfair Advantage

01/27/2017 by Michael Schaffer
women in tech Here are some facts. Ninety-three percent of investor money goes to startups founded by men. Just 11% of Silicon Valley executives, 10% of directors, 10% of committee members and 8% of committee chairs are women. At Fortune 500 companies, things aren’t much better, with just 11% of the executive workforce made up of women.

Here are some more facts. Private technology companies that are led by women return a 35% higher ROI. Publicly traded companies with women in leadership roles in a broad range of industries have about a 27% performance advantage over companies that don’t.

There are lots of reasons that the tech world needs more women in leadership positions, but this is the stupid-obvious one: It’s a big competitive advantage.To put it another way, if your startup or tech company isn’t actively working to put women in leadership roles, you’re shooting yourself in the foot.

Learn the Mysterious Secrets of the Female Tech Executive’s Mind

With these facts in mind, we’ve scoured the planet to bring together three, genuine, bonafide women who are in leadership positions at tech companies. We’re bringing them together at two round-table discusses hosted by Echo-Factory and held at Apple Stores in Pasadena and Santa Monica.

Our hope is that our panelists will help to answer two critical questions:
  1. What gives companies with women in tech leadership positions such a strong competitive advantage?
  2. Why, despite this advantage, are women in tech leadership positions still so rare?

Meet the Panelists

Our panel comprises three incredibly impressive individuals coming to us from within the tech industry and ready to share their own experiences and insights when it comes to women in tech.

Renée LaBran, Senior Advisor, Idealab Renée serves on the board of directors for Rustic Canyon/Fontis (a growth stage fund). She is also a top advisor to Idealab, a preeminent tech incubator in Pasadena, and serves as Gov. Brown's appointee to the Board of Trustees of the State Bar of California as a non-attorney public member.

Max Powers, SVP, Business Operations, TeleSign Max heads Client Services and directs the operational business team for TeleSign, a leading Internet security platform. She leads global routing and makes sure Client Services helps TeleSign’s worldwide customers optimize service workflow and solve immediate real-world security and fraud challenges.

Natalie Sun, Creative Technologist, Next Art Natalie is a digital creative consultant, VR producer and art tech curator who likes to “tinker with technology and design great experiences that allow people to share their stories.” She is also the founder of Next Art Night, a series of events that focuses on future-making experiments by artists working in technology.

Meet the Moderator

Dea Goldsmith, CCO and Co-Founder, Echo-Factory Dea is responsible for all things creative at Pasadena-based advertising agency Echo-Factory. She spends the majority of her time thinking about, strategizing and iterating new ideas with her happy team of creatives. Dea is a firm believer in harnessing the power of technology in marketing to deliver explosive business growth.


February 22nd, 8-9:30 am
@Apple Store on 3rd St. Promenade in Santa Monica

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12/09/2016 by Syble Harrison
robotics companies illustration Creator of the technology behind the iRobot vacuum, Paolo Pirjanian, is also the founder and CEO of one of the most awesome smart robotics companies yet, Embodied, Inc. He recently spoke at Innovate Pasadena’s Friday Coffee Meetup, a group co-organized by Echo-Factory, and I (one of the writers on the team) had the chance to interview him for an article on Huff Post. (more…)

What about Men

02/07/2017 by Michael Schaffer

I was watching a completely factual documentary about Portland, Oregon the other night, and came across an inspiring song, dedicated to the struggles that men face in this country.

  It reminded me of several very important facts:  
  1. Echo-Factory is hosting a “Women in Technology” roundtable next week.
  2. About 90% of the people who have registered so far are women.
  3. Women already have about a 35% advantage in leading tech companies over men.
  4. If we (and by “we” I mean men) don’t show up and discover their secrets, that gap can only grow!!!!
  So, I urge you, my fellow men, to RSVP immediately.  Only by engaging with women in technology leadership positions will we be able to learn their secrets, and hopefully one day steal their powers of tech company growth and success.
women in tech                  

Women in Technology, The Latest Silver Bullet

Wed, February 22, 2017
8:00 AM – 9:30 AM PST
Apple 3rd Street Promenade
1415 3rd Street Promenade
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Lol. Ugh. WTF? Reviewing 2017’s Super Bowl Ads

02/06/2017 by Andrew Hoehn

Yesterday, the evil-league-of-evil, lead by the evilly-handsome Tom Brady and his evil overlord Bill Belichick Sith, triumphed over the forces of good to deliver unto Boston the city’s 37th major sports championship, and deny Atlanta its 2nd.

New England’s never-before-seen-in-a-super-bowl comeback and victory further cemented Brady’s position as the greatest quarterback to ever play the game (gross), and doubtless will push the smugness of Boston sports fans into even more stratospheric heights (even grosser).

But we’re not here to talk about the disgusting show of terrible’ness that occurred on the field, we’re here to talk about important bits: the ads.


Build, Maintain and Protect Credibility with Marketing Trigger Systems

10/31/2016 by Hayley Raynes
Marketing Trigger Systems Announcement Protocol   Building, maintaining and protecting credibility is critical for all companies, but even more so for newly established companies – particularly in B2B, new tech and new sectors. These days, startups are not only developing innovative products and services, they’re working in brand new industries, where shared knowledge is minimal, skepticism is high and history is counted in months rather than years. The road can be incredibly tough for these types of companies to expand operations, build new customer bases and attract either investors or offers of acquisition. This is because new entities – no matter how exemplary they are – don’t have the benefit of time and reputation to help establish that baseline trust so often required for inking a deal. (more…)