Clean Tech

Solar, energy-efficient-lighting, electric vehicles and more, we like working with companies that are changing our world for the better. For over a decade, we’ve been helping them to turn great ideas into great products, and succeed in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Merging Two Established Brands To Enhance Marketability
Synopsys is one of the largest software companies in the world. And when they acquired Optical Research Associates, they had to seamlessly integrate them into the Synopsys brand, all while enhancing marketability. To get them there, we created a brand new creative position that allowed the brilliance of both companies to shine while positioning them for future successes.
Energy-Efficient Lighting Manufacturer
FSC Lighting provides high-quality energy-efficient LED lighting solutions that save their customers thousands of dollars. With features such as intelligent control integration and cost-effective customizations, the company truly goes beyond efficiency on every project.
Website Redesign
Trimark & Associates Inc. needed an up-to-date, intuitive website that clearly and effectively communicated what sets them apart. We built a compelling, targeted site targeted designed to maximize lead generation. The responsive, mobile-friendly site uses a UX/UI optimized template and incorporates key local and business-related SEO terms.
Demand Response Technology
Enerliance had developed an intelligent tool named LOBOS that helped large buildings operate more efficiently, be more comfortable and automatically participate in demand response.m.
Leader in Local Solar
Climate change, national security and technological advancement are reshaping the energy industry. The days of fossil fuels and nuclear power are coming to an end, and a new, clean energy model is taking center stage.
Alternative Energy
Energy moves our world, and the way we get our energy is changing every day. As we move toward a cleaner, more intelligent energy grid, AESC helps utilities, regulators and facilities embrace and power those changes.
Solar Development
In a burgeoning industry where information is scarce and the financial stakes are high, credibility is crucial. That’s why solar farm developer Pine Gate Renewables came to us when they needed to develop core messaging and collateral materials for new markets.
Solar Bid Platform
Through our work with LA Cleantech Incubator, we discovered a new start-up with a fascinating story and approach to helping homeowners harness solar power. Pick My Solar was founded in 2013 by Max Aram and Chris Blevins, both of whom had experience in the solar industry and felt that many potential customers were getting turned away by an unwieldy sales process.
Natural Gas Products
R.W. Lyall has been a family-owned-and-operated company for more than 40 years. They are experts in manufacturing products that serve the North American oil and gas markets.
Building a Brand with a Good Reputation
Before we started working with them, [P2]’s marketing, advertising and branding ranged from poor to nonexistent. They had a good reputation with their customers but weren’t well known throughout the industry. To be attractive to a corporate buyer, they needed to establish a stronger reputation in the industry, substantially increase their customer base and look like a company worth acquiring.