xLink Product Launch

Going to space is expensive, and for a long time, everyone assumed it had to be that way. Then, as commercial spaceflight began to take shape, suddenly balance sheets were at the front of everyone’s mind.

In that “new-space” economy, space-rated robotic arms that could often cost $30 million or more were simply too expensive for typical commercial applications. But, Motiv Space Systems didn’t think they had to be.

In fact, they knew they didn’t have to be, because they’d developed a space-capable robotic arm system that drastically undercut current offerings. And they came to Echo-Factory for help with launching their first-ever space-capable commercial robotic arm platform.

We started with a name, the xLink, and then built a product story around Motiv’s past success with iconic missions like the Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover, which included rendered video showing the platform in use.

Finally, when our plans to launch xLink at an industry conference were scrapped thanks to COVID, we quickly replaced them with a successful digital product launch across owned, earned and paid platforms.

Today, xLink already has its first mission scheduled, aboard a spacecraft that will manufacture a solar array while it’s orbiting around the planet, and Motiv has received significant amounts of interest from other missions interested in their industry-redefining xLink technology.