Helping Kvaser Become a Resource to Their Customers

Refining branding and communications for a niche audience.

If you’re building self-driving cars, maintaining particle accelerators or developing incredibly-efficient marine engines, there’s a good chance you’re already familiar with Kvaser’s hardware.  If not, we’ll just tell you that the Swedish company makes some of the most respected CAN hardware in the business.

But, when your customers are highly skeptical engineers and your sales cycles can stretch out over nearly half a decade, effective marketing can be a challenge.  That’s where Kvaser asked Echo-Factory to step in and help.

We started with a strategy, that recognized the unique challenges of marketing to engineers, and largely took “marketing” out of the equation altogether.  Instead, we focused on helping Kvaser become a resource for not only their customers but the entire CAN development and engineering community.  We supported that strategy with a new website, updated branding, printed materials, educational materials, and social media outreach.

In 2021, we developed the global marketing plan for the Kvaser U100 product family focused on CAN/CAN FD applications. In 2022, we launched the Kvaser Air Bridge, which focused on wireless CAN communications.

If your technology brand is like Kvaser and it needs an agency partner to reach new audiences, contact us. Echo-Factory’s expertise as a marketing agency includes years of experience with technology including devices such as CAN/CAN FB, plastic thermoforming, underwater robotics, aerospace & defense MRO, and space robotics.

Today, Kvaser is a leading resource for anyone interested in the CAN protocol, and we’re continuing to drive new initiatives based on prior success.



  • Type: Private Company headquartered in Sweden
  • Goal: Become a resource to Engineers using the CAN Protocol
  • Markets: B2B, Aerospace, Automotive
  • Tactics: Strategy, Digital Campaigns, SEO, Content Creation