Consumer Goods

The consumer goods market is often intensely competitive, and consumer demand can be a fickle, rapidly changing thing. At Echo-Factory, we work to engage consumers with creative that stands out from the competition, while delivering measureable results that our clients can see on their bottom lines.

Expanding from B2B to B2C
After years of growth in the B2B market, we helped Custom Case Group partner with Pelican, and launch the DroneHangar brand and eCommerce platform as Pelican’s official source for drone cases.
Making an Industry Leader Look Like an Industry Leader
Blue Robots built the most impressive underwater drone platforms available, but you wouldn’t know it from their website. We redesigned their website to reflect their position as a market leader, and implemented an optimized conversion path to encourage curious visitors to become dedicated customers.
Crafting a premium brand to match a premium product and VR experience
Imagine a chair that lets you ascend to the clouds, swim with sharks and run from dinosaurs – but until you sit in it, it just sort of looks like futuristic furniture. For VR tech innovators Positron, the challenge of bringing their Voyager® chair to market has been expressing the breathtaking experience of a fully-immersive cinematic VR chair without someone actually sitting in it.
Visit Pasadena
Pasadena is well-known for the Rose Parade and accompanying Rose Bowl football game, but for those of us in the know, Pasadena is much more than a sunny, palm-laden locale that midwesterners drool over on the first of January – it’s a hip, happening burg where big city amenities mesh with a charming neighborhood vibe. And Visit Pasadena needed help telling that story to meeting planners and tourists, both local and far-flung, to drive interest in Pasadena as a tourist destination plan.
Introducing E-Commerce to a Classic Brand
Maglite's website moved from a site that was outdated and difficult to manage to a branding focused e-commerce site. Now it's easy to purchase the amazing products direct..
Introducing the first Functional Cold Brew
What does it take to successfully enter the $950 billion non-alcoholic beverage market?  A great product to start with, but the makers of JoeFroyo recognized that their product, great as it is, was just the start.  So they came to Echo-Factory for everything else they’d need to present their drinks to distributors, retailers and the lactose-free gluten-free, caffeine-infused, protein-rich and probiotic-loving public.
Over the past few years, direct, online mattress-in-a-box sales have revolutionized the mattress industry. Casper, Tuft & Needle and the like invented the category, and turned it into a $1.5 billion annual marketplace. But with all this growth, there was still one important consumer demographic that hadn’t been addressed: kids.
Dairy Farm
Rockview Farms is a piece of California’s agricultural history. When they came to us, Rockview had been enjoying popularity among its customers for close to a century. But to move forward, the company needed to update its image and expand its footprint in retail outlets around California.