Echo-Factory Spotlight: Sam Sullivan, Project Manager

Ready to talk shop?

What started as an internship became a career for Sam Sullivan, one of our project managers. After finishing school, where she had worked as a work-study manager at the Veterans Services Offices, she joined Echo-Factory as an intern. But she quickly moved to a junior project manager position, then traffic manager, then finally a full-fledged project manager. Currently, she works with some of our clients like Positron, 1on1 Elder Care, Revibe Men’s Health, Fulgent/Picture Genetics and more.

Working on so many different accounts has let Sam be exposed to a variety of work, but she loves any sort of creative work the best. From logos to brand identity, she feels she gets to have fun while working on those projects. But what she loves more than anything is being able to tie up a project and finish it. Internally, she finds it rewarding to see a project completed, but also loves to see how the work helps clients reach their goals.

Like nearly all Echo-Factory employees, Sam loves the collaborative and honest nature of the company. “It’s because of the people,” she says. From individuals to teams and managers, Sam says she loves how everyone listens, works and grows together at Echo-Factory (we swear we’re not paying people to say this).

When she’s not working, Sam is probably at the beach in San Diego or camping in the Sequoias. Her childhood dream — and career backup plan — was to become a dentist ?

We’re glad she found project management instead.

Samantha Sullivan hiking in snow

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