Uncategorized Jul 10, 2012

There’s an App for That

Apps are pushing the creative envelope more frequently these days. There are apps that shoot birds into the sky, apps that mimic beer being drunk out of a glass, and apps that predict what song is playing on the radio. Since there are so many apps to try out, here is a list of our favorites.

Word Warp -There’s nothing better after a long day at work than a glass of wine, or in Dea’s case, Word Warp. She plays this game to clear her head which ultimately leads to a great night’s sleep, plus it has zero calories compared to those in a glass of wine. 

Lose It!– This is one “bitchin” app, says Ray. He recently stumbled upon this awesome app, and has not stopped using it since. Lose it! allows you to establish a daily calorie budget and has every tool you can think of to stay on track.

Words with Friends/Scramble with Friends– Being competitive people, Brittany and Carl love these apps. They allow you to challenge your friends, and test your brain power. Its also a perfect way to relieve stress unless, Carl says, -”you suck at it.”

My Chase– Since Mustafa deals with the EF finances, its no surprise a banking app would be his favorite. This app lets Mustafa be his own personal banker, he never has to step foot in a bank again!!

Draw Something!– Roni isn’t Van Gogh, but she is a huge fan of Draw Something. You can play with your friends and see their artistic capabilities.

Flipboard– A Tuesday production meeting wouldn’t be the same without knowing the latest gossip. Now we know where Mike gets the scoop from. This app allows you to create your own personalized magazine based on everything being shared with you from Facebook, Twitter, etc.

This American Life– Everyone hates to miss their favorite show, and sadly sometimes Marian doesn’t have time to listen in. This app allows her to listen to any episode she wants at any time.

Strava– This app clocks your time on different cycling routes and lets you compare it with the times of other cyclists. “I love Strava because it lets me see what a slow biker I am,” Andrew says.

Instagram– I never knew how addicting an app could be until I downloaded this. Instagram allows you to share pictures with your friends and apply a handful of different effects to every photo. I use it as my own personal photo album since I’m not one for scrapbooking.

Yelp– Denise swears by this app when she’s looking for a new restaurant to try out. As our food expert, we always go to her for recommendations.

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