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The Best (And Worst) Super Bowl Ads

If you missed Friday’s blog post, I talked about how money can’t save an ad if it doesn’t have a sound strategy. Last night’s Super Bowl ads are further proof that money doesn’t make a good ad. Here’s the best and worst Super Bowl ads as well as a few that fall somewhere in between.

The Good

M&M “Sexy and I Know It” – Laughed out loud at this ad. Kudos to Vanessa L. Williams as the sassy brown m&m.

Volkswagen “The Dog Strikes Back” – Though not as good as last year’s “The Force” spot by VW, this ad is by far one of the best ads this year.

Toyota “Connections” – I love getting to see all the different Camry owners and their stories. Not necessarily a new idea, but a good one nonetheless.

CareerBuilder – I know the apes have been around a long time but they’re still funny. Plus, the apes make me think of CareerBuilder, just like cavemen make me think Geico.

Chrysler “Halftime” – With this ad, Chrysler reminds us that it’s as American as we are, and like all good Americans, it will survive.

Chevy “Happy Grad” – This ad was hilarious. Plus, it puts focus on the car without screaming ‘I’m a car commercial.’ Just a great ad all the way around.


The Mediocre

Bud Light “No Pants” – While the situation is funny, it was more of an ad for LMFAO’s halftime show than for Bud Light.

Hulu Plus – I loved Will Arnett since he was on Arrested Development but this ad just isn’t as good as the earlier ones with Alec Baldwin.

Kia Optima – This ad is way more of a nightmare than a dream. The only reason it’s not in the ugly section is due to the tiny sandman.

H&M “David Beckham” – David Beckham’s hot, so what else is new? Next time show some creativity, H&M.

Acura NSX – In my previous post, I said this ad was mediocre. That feeling hasn’t changed.


The Ugly

Go Daddy – Congratulations, Go Daddy, this ad is terrible. You’ve officially hit an all-time low in advertising.

Doritos “Sling Baby” – Out of the thousands of entries into Doritos ‘Crash the Super Bowl” contest, the fact that this one was chosen to air during the game is frightening to me.

Samsung – I applaud your effort to challenge the iPhone. Unfortunately, you failed. Now you’ve proven Apple has a better product and better advertising.

Honda CR-V “Matthew’s Day Off” – Ferris Bueller, funny in 1986, not so funny in a 2012 Honda commercial.

Have an opinion about the Super Bowl ads? Vote for your favorites on USA Today’s Super Bowl admeter.

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