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TEDx Pasadena: Words, Stories & Designs that Transform

How we supported TEDx Pasadena in bringing their theme to life

Maybe it was something your dad told you, a book you read, a speech you heard at a school assembly, or a comedy special you watched, but everyone has heard a story that changed them. Words and stories do that—they can shift the way we think, feel, and experience the world and they can propel us to take action. That’s some powerful shit. TEDx Pasadena:

Storytelling is the foundation of advertising and marketing—it’s our bread and butter. Every single thing we produce is part of a larger story we’re telling about a brand, company, or product. So as you can imagine, we have the utmost respect for storytellers.

Earlier this year, TEDx Pasadena reached out to us to ask if we would be a sponsor for their 2018 event. Their organization’s mission is built on sharing stories and ideas, so naturally, we jumped at the chance to contribute. The fact that they’re based in our hometown only sweetened the deal.

Acting as a creative and strategic brand consultant for TEDx, we got a team together to start talking about transformation. There were the obvious examples: caterpillars to butterflies, winter to spring, a few lines on paper to a masterful work of art. We noticed that all of the transformations that came to mind first were intensely visual. And while many transformations are visual, there are many more that are not.

The stories and ideas that would be heard and discussed at TEDx would not necessarily be visual ones—and neither would the thoughts, ideas, feelings and changes they inspired

So the question became: How do we capture the complex and nuanced concept of transformation in a straightforward (and entirely visual) logo and brand identity

There is something otherworldly about transformation: caterpillars to butterflies, winter to spring, simple lines on paper to a stunning portrait. So many transformations are visual, but the world is full of transformations that are far less conspicuous – and no less meaningful.
Sublime joy, heart-wrenching tragedy, enlightening conversations – these, too, can transform. And so can words and stories.
This year’s event celebrates our ability to transform, from subtle internal shifts to seismic quantifiable ones. 
TRANSFORM 2018: Let’s explore stories and words that change the way we think, experience, contribute to, and live in the world – and see how they transform us.This was a fun and rewarding exercise for our team and we were thrilled to be able to work with an organization like TEDx Pasadena. Connecting with other people to share and discuss ideas is so important, especially in this day and age, and nothing makes us prouder than to support that effort right here in our own community.

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