Striking Advertising Gold

We’ve struck gold, or should I say beer. This week we became the marketing/advertising agency for Dale Bros Brewery . If you aren’t familiar with Dale Bros, the brewery is owned and operated by brothers Curt and Andy Dale. Their Pomona Queen Lager and California Black Beer Lager have won Gold medals at the LA County Fair, along with a few of their seasonal beers.

In addition to being their agency, we’ve also taken it upon ourselves to be part of the Dale Bros Research and Development team. It’s a very demanding job. We have to sample up to four beers at a time, take beer home, and have cases delivered to the office weekly, purely for testing purposes of course.

After weeks of grueling R&D, we’ve come up with a list of our favorites:

Carl and Dea love the Runway IPA, or as Dea likes to call it the RunAway IPA. Dea loves it for the flavor and lightness. Carl’s a fan because it’s not bitter or dry like other IPAs he’s tried, while also having a great after taste.

Mike’s favorite is the California Black Beer Lager. He says it tastes the best after a long bike ride, but we’ve always questioned what’s in his CamelBak.

Marian and I like the Pomona Queen Lager. The first time I tried Pomona Queen I was hooked. I didn’t know it was a Dale Bros beer at the time, so when we became their agency I was ecstatic. Marian doesn’t drink but she loves the name Pomona Queen. She loves the femininity of it. It also reminds her of the Paul Simon song “Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard.” The lyrics technically say Queen of Corona, but she’s re-writing them to say Queen of Pomona.

The next time you’re in the area stop by, the beer is on us. WARNING: Don’t wait too long, R&D team is thirsty.