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What’s Up With Pinterest

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You’ve probably been hearing a lot about the new social networking site, Pinterest. Tons of people and brands are hopping on the Pinterest bandwagon – the site now has over 11 million users and the number just keeps growing.

For many companies, Pinterest represents a great opportunity to introduce your products/services to people who may never have seen them before. It’s also a good way to find out what people find interesting about your company and its offerings.

And, even though big companies are creating buzz on Pinterest, small companies are starting to see big results too. For instance, through Pinterest, a landscape architecture firm based in Calimesa, CA has attracted 30,000 more visitors to its site each month.

Another company, The Wedding Chicks LLC, says Pinterest is the reason it earned an estimated $540,000 in revenue last year compared to $340,000 in 2010. Amy Squires, The Wedding Chicks co-founder, also says that Pinterest is better at driving traffic to their website than Facebook and Twitter. 

Whatever the size of your company, here a few tips to help you get results from Pinterest.

#1 Don’t pin directly to Pinterest. Post content on your website and then pin it. By doing it this way, the content will link back to your site which can help increase your site traffic. And, to get people who visit your site to follow you on Pinterest, put a Pinterest follow button on your website. 

#2 Be specific in the About section and on your boards, i.e. if you’re a Rancho Cucamonga bike shop that sells discount bikes and gear, put that in your description. Then, name your boards using the products/services you offer such as sweet mountain bikes or neon bike jerseys.

#3 Blend in. Act more like a person, instead of a company. Don’t force your products or services on people, just share interesting, relevant images and videos and let potential customers come to you.

#4 Look at which companies are successful on Pinterest, i.e. the ones whose content is constantly being repinned and liked. Then, see if any of their strategies will fit with your content.

#5 Get on the waiting list for Pinerly, a new analytical tool that allows you to measure how effective your pins are.

If you have a few extra minutes this afternoon, request an invite to Pinterest. It’s one of the easiest ways you can attract lots of attention for your company and boost traffic to your site.

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