Instagram 101

Instagram is one of the newest trends in Social Media. Yet, less than half of all businesses have an account.  With that said, businesses, it’s time to jump on the bandwagon. Instagram is a way to expose potential clients/customers to your brand through images as well as increase brand awareness. However, if you are going to use Instagram, make sure to use it correctly. Not quite sure how? Here are some helpful tips and a sweet video to make you an Instagram Pro. 

1. The purpose of Instagram is to create a theme and share it. If you don’t know your company’s theme, no one else will either.
2. Keep the hash tags to a minimum. #More #hash #tags #do #not #equal #more #followers
3. Don’t ask people to follow your company. Leave the campaigning to the presidential candidates.
4. Don’t blow up the feed with picture after picture. It’s as easy to unfollow someone as it is to follow them.