Get it Done Before Noon

The Telegraph is reporting on a survey that studies the correlation between creativity and time of day. Interesting to anyone, and critical for people who make a living out of being creative.

The Summary:

  • 4:33 pm is the least creative time of day (I would have suspected 4:20)
  • 10:04 pm is the most creative time of day, though mornings are also a pretty good bet
  • 58% of people lose their best ideas by forgetting to write them down
  • Men are more likely to forget a good idea than women (or maybe we just lie more about the “big idea that got away”)

Here at the office my research suggests that our creativity can be directly correlated to the blackness of that morning’s coffee – but I have yet to find a scientific journal willing to publish my findings.

To see many nerds discussing the same study, check out the comments on the Slashdot story.