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Friday Factory Flashback

Since we opened our doors in 2008, our creative juices have been pumping. Along with creating pretty cool stuff for our clients, we are constantly coming up with innovative self promotional pieces. Here is how our creative brains have grown through the years.

Our first promotional piece in 2008 was “ A Customizable Executive Letter,” for CEOs.We put our own spin on it, laying it out as a Madlib. In case you are thinking about “borrowing” our letter, here are instructions on how to fill it out.

On the following page (picture provided), choose the words and phrases that you know will pander to your CEO. Take the completed letter to their office and read it aloud. Your CEO will be so impressed with our insight into their innermost thoughts that we’ll be hired on the spot, and you’ll probably get a raise just for finding us. It’s a win-win all around.

*NOTE: If you happen to, in fact, be the CEO of your company, we kindly recommend that you read no further and instead hand this letter to a trusted advisor.

Custom Holiday Drinking Game

We decided to spread the Holiday Cheer in 2010 by creating our own customized drinking game.

Curious how to play? We’ll explain…”Every Time one of the Holiday Shotmakers (shotmaker card provided) occurs, All players yell, Shotmaker!, then tilt one back

Seems easy?…Here is how to win “Any player who makes it to January 2nd with their sanity, relationships and liver intact is a winner of the Echo-Factory Holiday Drinking Game. Doesn’t seem so easy now does it…

In 2011, we gave a whole new meaning to the phrase “Cool Beans.”  We passed out Cool Point cards, encouraging people to like us on Facebook and get more cool points. People went crazy over the idea. We even had some clients competing over who could get the most cool points. If you didn’t know us a year ago, fear not. You can still get cool points. Just stop by the office and bring cake or beer. Either one will make you super cool in our book. 

What we have in store for 2012 is still under wraps. We also make no promises on how it will be delivered to your office, Groupon has a deal on carrier pigeons right now.

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