Meet Our Newest Principal – Ray Pustinger

We’re pretty pumped that business strategist Ray Pustinger has joined the Echo-Factory team as a principal, account executive and head of our administrative/finance dept. If you haven’t had the opportunity to meet Ray yet, we’d like to tell you a little about him.

Ray comes to us after working on the client side. We first met Ray when he hired us to do work for Precision-Paragon [P2]. At the time, Ray was CEO of [P2] – when he joined the company, it was a $5 million company. Under Ray’s leadership, the company grew to a $44 million company. And, that’s just one example of how Ray’s helped a company grow. He can give you a hundred more.

When Ray left [P2] to start his own consulting firm, RPME Solutions, we thought he’d be a great addition to the Echo team. Lucky for us, he thought so too. 

You see, Ray’s an expert in business strategy and market evaluation. If you know anything about advertising, you know you have to have good strategy to have good advertising. Fortunately, Ray will be helping us provide business planning and marketing research to all our clients. His expert advice will help us provide better creative and media services too, making the work we do for you stronger and more effective.

In addition to his strategy and research work, Ray will also be an account executive, handling some of our existing clients as well as new ones. With Ray, you’re in good hands. As a former CEO and now agency owner/account exec, he understands the client-agency relationship better than any of us. He’s dealt with a lot of the same challenges you’re dealing with which means he’s probably got a solution that will work for you too.

And, as head of administration and finance, he’s already begun helping us create tools that will allow us to better manage our agency and grow more profitable as a result. That means we’ll be better equipped to help you.  It also means Ray can do the same for your company. He’s more than happy to provide an analysis of your organization then help you identify and take advantage of opportunities for growth, profitability or a combination of the two.

We’re happy Ray’s here, helping our agency and our clients grow stronger.  We’re also happy he’s as crazy about bikes as we are. He’s got several dirt bikes and goes on frequent rides throughout the California deserts. We’ve actually got one of his bikes at the office right now – the one he let Mustafa, Mike and Carl test out in Echo’s parking lot. They’re hoping he doesn’t ask for it back.