Echo + Energy Efficiency + Enerliance = Great Match

We’re always psyched about working with clients whose products simultaneously save the planet and save people money. But, we’re particularly excited about partnering with our newest energy-efficient client, Enerliance.

Enerliance is the creator of LOBOS, a smart grid technology that enhances a building’s existing management system to improve comfort, save energy, cut maintenance costs and offer real automated demand response.

Normally, with high-tech products like LOBOS, companies want advertising that’s laden with technical terms, acronyms and other industry jargon. Fortunately for us, that’s not the case with Enerliance. The company met with us, told us about their product then gave us the green light to talk about their company in a language everyone could appreciate.

In just under two months, we were able to design a sophisticated website that talked about LOBOS and its benefits in a clear and compelling way. We wanted the site to mirror LOBOS in its efficiency. So, since LOBOS is designed to make people’s lives easier, we designed our site that way too, making it easy for key audiences to find information relevant to them. We also provided an interactive component to the site with the LOBOS installation calculator, a tool that gives you an estimate of the potential energy savings you’ll get by installing LOBOS in your facility. 

LOBOS: The small box that’s going to change the world

Along with the website, we designed tradeshow graphics and helped set up Enerliance’s booth at IBcon, the international “Intelligent Building” conference and tradeshow. To make sure people didn’t walk away empty-handed, we created a brochure that positions LOBOS as a smart box that can help make your building smarter. The brochure quickly sums up why installing LOBOS is the best thing you can do for your building. 

And, to top it all off, we were able to provide custom photography. The website as well as the other promotional materials all feature buildings that actually use LOBOS which helps make the design, and the story, that much stronger.

We want to thank Enerliance for teaming up with us to promote such an innovative product. We can’t wait to watch LOBOS take off. We’re predicting that 10 years from now, it will be installed in every big building in the U.S. Just remember you saw it here first.