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Echo-Factory Wins Overall “Best Of Show” At The 2010 Inland Empire ADDY Awards

This year was Echo-Factory’s first time entering the ADDY awards, so we were pretty excited on Friday when we won the IE ADDY’s Overall “Best of Show” award, the event’s highest award.  Plus, all seven of our entries medaled in the competition. 

Of course – this isn’t the end of the ADDY road.  Two of our entries will be forwarded from the Inland Empire advertising competition on to the Southwest regional ADDY’s, where they’ll compete against work from Los Angeles, OC and Las Vegas advertising agencies. If we happen to do well there, they’ll head to the national ADDYs.

The Winning Piece

Our Overall “Best in Show” Award came for the “Voodoo Style” project we did for Precision-Paragon [P2]. 

[P2] hangs its hat on customer service, so when they made a mistake on an order, they asked us to help them make things right.  We created the package, and the day it arrived at the client’s warehouse, they placed another order with Precision-Paragon [P2]. 

Just this morning Lou Preston – the National Sales Director for Precision-Paragon [P2] – sent us this note: 

“We didn’t give the client a chance to write us off and find a different vendor.  We have worked together on many projects since, including his most recent request for a potential $150k project.  Thanks again for all that you do in managing the image of P2.”

  Winning awards is nice, helping our clients succeed is nicer.  We’ve often heard that award winning work is often very different form effective work.  We’re happy to prove that adage wrong. 

Our Other ADDY Award Winners:

Altura Credit Union iChecking
Altura Credit Union
“Now That’s Worth Smiling About”

Amber Pollard

Amber Pollard Lookbook Fall
Amber Pollard
“Lunch a la Mode”

Cellular Skate
Cellular Skate
“We Don’t Judge”

Sum Collective
“Read Between The Lines”


Collective Movie

Sum Collective
“Sum(thing)’s Happening Here””

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