Dainese/AGV: Our Newest Client

If you know us at all, you know we’re obsessed with bikes. From single-speeds to motorcycles, if it has two wheels, we’re into it. In fact, just yesterday, Mustafa crashed a Honda 70cc into our neighbors’ garage and Mike wrecked his knee falling off his mountain bike.

Our client list further reflects our passion for bikes – we do work for Troy Lee Designs and Kali Protectives. That’s why we’re super excited about our newest client: Dainese/AGV.

If you’re not as into bikes as we are, you may not have heard these names before. They are Italian companies – both big in the European MotoGP, street bike and motocross scene. Their helmets and protective gear have been worn by Valentino Rossi, David Philippaerts, Travis Pastrana and many other pros.

The main difference between the two companies is what they sell. Dainese sells clothing and gear for motorcycles and other action sports, and AGV specializes in bike helmets for pros and amateurs. The two merged in 2007, but chose to keep their separate identities.

Since the merger, they’ve been working to expand their U.S. presence. That’s where we come in. As their U.S. agency, we’ll be helping spread the word about Dainese and AGV products. We don’t think it’ll take long for Americans to realize how innovative and frankly, bad ass these products are.

Though we’ve only been working with them for a few weeks, we’ve already created ads that will soon appear in magazines including Decline, Motorcyclist, Cycle World, Racer X and Dirt Rider.

We’re so glad to be partnering with Dainese/AGV, and look forward to creating more amazing work for them. Plus, with the addition of Dainese/AGV, we’re now working with three companies who make some of the best protective gear in the business. And, Lord knows, we need it.