Uncategorized Aug 04, 2008

Check Your Mailboxes

We know that many of you are avid readers of Metro Magazine, the leading North American publication for Mass Transit Engineers.  Well, when you receive your copy of the August issue, be sure to flip to the Thermal Structures ad we designed.

Just in case you’ve allowed your subscription to lapse, you can check out our ad below.

Thermal Structures August Metro Ad

What makes this ad so special? I’m glad you asked. First, it simplifies a complex issue. There’s not an obvious A-B connection between more stringent emission standards and thermal insulation, but this ad manages to connect those two issues and explain why you can’t have one without the other. It’s like a shortened version of “Emissions Standards and Thermal Insulation for Dummies.”

Second, just look at all that copy! I mean, how often do you see whole paragraphs and paragraphs in a magazine ad? Not often enough in my opinion. It’s a beautiful thing.

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