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Change Your Marketing Perspective with Location-Based VR

The rise of location-based VR in recent years has sparked a wave of excitement in the tech world. Not only is VR pushing the limits of immersive gaming and film technology, but it’s also allowing people and brands to connect like never before. Brands now have a hyper-immersive way to leverage attention, reel in dedicated crowds, and leave fans with a lasting impression on your brand.


So what is location-based VR?

Location-Based VR experiences use advanced VR hardware to deliver a more immersive experience.  Think VR backpacks combined with dedicated, purpose-built sets. “The Void” is a great example of this, as it incorporates VR with sets and full sensory experience. And while these types of experiences are extremely popular, they’re also expensive and require over-the-top custom sets.


Enter Self-Contained VR

Over the last six months, we’ve had the opportunity to work with Positron and the promotion of their game-changing Voyager VR Experience. Instead of a giant set, their entire location-based VR system is a cozy pod containing your headset headset, a 360° rotating base, haptic feedback, a scent dispenser, and interactive lighting. Basically, it’s all the magical immersion of other location-based VR systems, just put into a highly-mobile package that can work just about anywhere.


Hello, Marketing Opportunity

Positron’s link to the film industry has opened a realm of opportunity for them to connect with viewers, offering cinematic VR experiences that quite literally take viewers into the movie – like their recent projects with First Man and the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. After months of growth (and a little help from us), they’ve devoted significant resources to supporting their activation partners — which is good news for anyone looking to leverage the appeal of location-based VR activations.


Big Tech, Big Crowds, Big Results

Location-based VR experiences a natural fit for an array of locations and partnerships, as they allow visitors to completely immerse themselves into the experience. From film & television, to festivals and events, to trade shows and product launches, our work with Positron has drawn massive crowds and exciting partnership opportunities – including a mind-blowing How To Train Your Dragon VR tour with Dreamworks and Walmart.


Strike While It’s Hot

While some may say VR is a fleeting trend, you can’t deny the incredible marketing potential of location-based VR. It gets attention, wows audiences, and makes your brand look like it’s way ahead of the game. And most importantly, it’s mobile. If you’re planning a product activation, trade show exhibition or other event that has the opportunity to incorporate location-based VR, we recommend you do it – and do it quick. 


If you want to learn more about location-based VR, check out the article our founder & CEO Mike Shaffer wrote for AW360.








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