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3 Ways to Use Marketing & Branding to Boost Your Pre-Acquisition Value

If you’re a company targeting acquisition in the near future, it may seem counterintuitive to invest in branding. After all, it’s expected that once you’re acquired, your brand will be changed, updated, or entirely absorbed. So, any money you invest in branding now is wasted, right? Wrong. Our experience shows that companies targeting acquisition who…
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How a Hospital’s Marketing Team Helped with the Response to COVID-19

It’s hard to think of a business that could be more impacted by COVID than a hospital in a major metropolitan area. That was certainly the case for Huntington Hospital, a 600+ bed not-for-profit hospital based in Pasadena, with a 125+ year history of delivering care throughout the San Gabriel Valley. In early 2020, we’d worked closely with Huntington to plan out…
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3 Companies Who Pivoted to Deliver COVID-19 Solutions

The onset of COVID-19 in early 2020 brought with it unprecedented challenges for our world and many businesses. But while nearly every business has experienced some kind of challenge from the pandemic, others have found opportunities. Three of Echo-Factory’s clients fall into that category of companies who used their existing capabilities, connections, and ingenuity to develop new products and expand their business models into directly confronting COVID-19.
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Marketing: Internal Branding and Workplace Culture

Former Facebook Executive and Co-Founder of Arrive Hotels and Restaurants on Internal Branding and Workplace Culture Internal communication in your company is just as important as your B2B external communication with clients and customers. Think about it: Why do you think Microsoft just paid $1.2 billion for Yammer, a digital social enterprise tool that allows…
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A Tale of Two Aerospace Mergers

Over the past few years, we’ve helped two of our aerospace distribution clients go through successful acquisitions and mergers. Proponent is an aerospace value-added distributor that has historically focused on the commercial sector. AllClear is an aerospace distributor and service provider for the military and defense sector. Proponent was formed in 2017, after the acquisition…
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4 Lessons We Learned After 21 Mergers & Acquisitions

During the past decade-plus of our agency’s history, we’ve worked in quite a few sectors and industries. But, there’s been one constant: a good amount of work with companies going through mergers and acquisitions. In fact, at our last count, we found we’d gone through 21 M&A events with our clients. We’ve helped companies who…
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Introducing AllClear

 Monday, we had the honor of helping one of our client’s make news in the aerospace defense sustainment industry. On the off chance you don’t keep tabs on that specific sector, we’ll bring you up to speed. First, a little background on the industry. Imagine you’re a US ally that operates US manufactured military…
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Echo-Factory team meeting

Our Ad Agency’s Work-From-Home Toolkit

Like the rest of the world, we’ve been working from home for most of the year. And largely, it’s been going pretty well … maybe even better than expected. Our team is collaborating well via a suite of tools that we’ve always been using but now depend on more than ever. Pre-pandemic, we only had…
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Greg Kane

Meet Greg. You’re Going to Love Him.

Big news on the Echo-Factory front: We got Greg. And not just any average Greg—the Greg Kane. Greg is joining our executive team. He’ll be leading our internal team of brand managers, and working directly in an account leadership role with a few of our key clients. Greg brings big agency experience and perspective to…
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