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3 Strategies to Calculate ROAS in Digital Healthcare Advertising

A large, multi-location healthcare organization came to us with a challenge: with a 6-figure digital ad spend, they had no idea what their ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) was. To put it another way, they didn’t know if their digital ad campaign was a money pit or a valuable resource. It’s a challenge we’ve seen…
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5 Friday Coffee Meetup Presentations to Watch Right Now

When Friday Coffee Meetup started, we never imagined that the gathering of 12 like-minded professionals would grow to include over 6,000 members. But grow it did. Since its inception, our little group of techies, business folks and innovation pioneers has blossomed into a full-on phenomenon — largely because of the impressive roster of speakers that…
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Subscription Based Success

Dive Into Subscription-Based Success

Let’s face facts: we live in a one-and-done society where people rarely go beyond dipping their toe in the water of your brand. Sure, they know the deep end is full of rewards and benefits, but they’re hesitant to commit beyond that first experience because there could be something (or someone) out there with a…
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Tips From A Start-up Founder Turned Venture Capitalist

When Minnie Ingersoll left her dream job at Google, she went from founding the start-up Shift in her co-founder’s Bay Area apartment to successfully raising $200 million from Sand Hill Road, from seed funding all the way to Series D. When she recently moved back to Los Angeles, she joined TenOneTen, an LA-based venture capital…
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Link building success - red cover photo

Creating an Effective Link Building Campaign

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Links are important. Like really, really important. In the modern age of digital advertising, link building has become an essential part of any successful marketing campaign and SEO strategy. On top of that, link building is a key ingredient to a healthy growth strategy, as it…
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Link Building Thought Leadership - Echo-Factory

Link Building Strategies 101: Power of Thought Leadership

As we mentioned in our previous link-building article, external links aren’t just important to your SEO ranking factors – they’re vital. In fact, a recent study shows that almost 30% of organic page ranking comes from link signals that the search engine analyzes. These signals include inbound anchor text, linking domain authority, and linking domain…
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Link building strategies

The Technical Side of Link Building for Non-Technical People

Link building is important for any brand looking to grow its online presence and implement high-quality marketing campaigns. Anyone wanting to compete and excel online needs to understand the process of link building, as the importance of high-quality links continues to grow at an exponential rate. Many marketers, however, don’t understand the importance of links,…
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Social media likes on mobile phones

Maximum Impressions for Your Media Spend

Every brand wants impressions, but few step back and take a strategic approach to their digital ad spend. In today’s digital ad marketplace, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are the immediate go-to platforms for most advertisers, as they offer dynamic opportunities to tell brand stories with beautiful imagery, videos and maybe even the occasional cat GIF.…
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Positron: Location-based virtual reality

Change Your Marketing Perspective with Location-Based VR

The rise of location-based VR in recent years has sparked a wave of excitement in the tech world. Not only is VR pushing the limits of immersive gaming and film technology, but it’s also allowing people and brands to connect like never before. Brands now have a hyper-immersive way to leverage attention, reel in dedicated…
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Friday Coffee Meetup

Growing A Community of Innovation in Pasadena We make no secret of our fawning love for our hometown of Pasadena, but one of the reasons we love it so much isn’t something that people tend to associate with the city: it has a thriving tech and innovation scene. Never content to sit on the sidelines…
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