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More Actual Work - Kali Protectives


Kali Protectives came to us asking if we could build a brilliant site in a rediculously short timeline. We decided to give it a go.

Stage 1 of that site is live right now. There you can learn about Kali’s innovative Comfusion technology, sign up for their newsletter and even apply to be a member of their factory team. We’re in the midst of creating Stage 2 – an interactive product catalog – and it should be up mid-August.

One of the patircularly neat things about the Kali site is that it’s built on a custom content management system. PHP based content management systems are a dime-a-dozen, but content management systems for a flash site like Kalia’s are pretty rare. It allows them to have a dynamic animated flash site without sacrificing the ability to easily make changes and updates.

I guess that’s probably enough tooting of our own horn for the time being.

More Newness


What’s that you say, a new Echo::Factory site? Already? Less than 3 moths since your last redesign? Preposterous.

We know, but we can’t get enough of designing our own site. We’re like redesign addicts, refusing treatment. This time we built the site on top of a custom content management system. Hopefully this will let us make changes without being bitten by the complete redesign bug.

We’ve also put a new theme on our blog, slightly modified from Deziner Folio’s wordpress theme. Ahh Deziner Folio, wonderful blog, atrocious name.

Actual Work We’ve Done: Precision-Lighting


You might assume from reading our blog that we never do any actual work at Echo::Factory.  I hate to ruin that delicious misconception, but we do actually produce advertising. I present to you proof!

We just completed a total redesign of Precision-Lighting’s branding materials, culminating in the launch of a new website.

Precision-Lighting is an energy-efficient industrial and commercial lighting manufacturer.  All the materials we created for them were designed to reflect energy-efficiency and sustainability aspects of what they do.  In a time when so many companies are “greenwashing” themselves, it’s a pleasure to be working with a company that really is reducing energy consumption.

The End is At Hand!


Sunny Southern CaliforniaYesterday brought flooding, tornadoes, snow and mudslides to Southern California.  This morning I drove through 2 feet of water on my way to work.  It’s like the 3rd world down here, only with fewer bananas.  Clearly this — along with $4 per gallon gas — is a sign of the apocalypse.

But wait, just when you thought everything was out of wack, it looks like ad- agencies are still doing stupid things. Phew. The world is back to normal.

Dodger Day


who let the reds fan in the photo?Who is Echo::Factory, you might ask?  Well, as this photo illustrates we’re a group of excessively attractive people.  Monday was Dodger Day at the factory, and since Chris was leaving us for a life at the beach, we forced him to dress up as a Cincinnati Reds fan.  Much hilarity ensued.

Look below the break to see more of Chris.


I pose to you a quandry….


…how many other words can you make by rearranging the letters in “Carl”?

First comment to answer correctly WINS A PRIZE!! And no using the internets.

Bree’s Future Infant


Today, Bree finds out the gender of her infant.  We think the masses should have a say.  Vote Below.  [poll id=“2”]

UPDATE: It’s a Girl!!

Welcome to the new Echo::Factory


Version 1 of the Echo::Factory website lasted for about a month.  We didn’t quite fall in love with it, so we went for a pretty significant redesign.  While some pieces of the Echo::Factory site v1.1 are still in progress, (soon, you should see a bit more integration of the blog and whatnot within the rest of the site), we felt comfortable enough to go ahead and launch the sucker.

So, enjoy the new site, take a look at our portfolio, play some sudoku and let us know what you think.

Welcome to the blog.


You’ve found the factory blog.  Congratulations.  Your prize should be arriving in your mailbox in 4-6 weeks wrapped in a discrete package.