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How to Build a Website No One Visits


how to build a website no one visits

Today, most websites are created based on the outdated belief that if you build it, they will come. This may have worked in the big-fish, small-pond days of dial-up, when every new website was, by virtue of its existence alone, a marvel of marketing innovation. But the small pond has evolved into a roaring ocean swarming with millions of schools of wandering websites, the majority of which are, now, by virtue of their existence, terribly insignificant. The simple combination of “attractive, informative, and intuitive” may be sufficient to support existing customers, but it won’t likely attract new ones. And while good SEO might get people to your site, without the right messaging, it won’t do much more than make your site bouncier than an Olympic trampoline. And the more booming your industry is, the bouncier your site will be. That’s why messaging is essential. (more…)

My Everyday Carry – One Digital Creative’s Indispensable Apps & Services


A couple years ago I moved to a part of the country where people take self defense and disaster preparedness very seriously. Here, many of my neighbors use the term “everyday carry” for the (usually large caliber) handguns they have on their persons at all times. Handguns they feel they couldn’t live without, and which they plan to deploy in the event of a terrorist/bear/zombie attack. (more…)

Let’s All Freak-Out About Mobilegeddon. Or Not.


A FAQ About Google’s New Algorithim Update

Yesterday, Google updated its search algorithm so that when you search on a mobile device, you’ll be more likely to get results for pages that are mobile-optimized.

It seems like the most obvious thing in the world, and the only question everyone should be asking is, “What took so long?” (more…)

Don’t Start Your Weekend Without a Friday Five


Every Great Weekend Must Kick Off with a Fabulous Friday Five


1.Confession time. We wasted a lot of time in 1995 in front of the family computer in that program paint. Few of those images made it to the printer, but at the time we thought they were master pieces. This guy actually does make legit works of art.


2.For just $20 your life is about to change. This magic stuff in spray can will prevent anything bad from ever happening again. Okay, not exactly. However, the video is pretty convincing that it’s a game changer. Go ahead and purchase that white couch and forget about the no spaghetti sauce in the living room rule.


3.If your home candle company is local, fair trade, organic, hand crafted and stamped by hand. This step-by-step guide to a hipster logo might be for you.


4.“Don’t play ball in the house!” “Bring a jacket!” “Eat you vegetables!” Thanks Mom we got it. Some guys at MIT took mom’s advice to share,  always wear a helmet and then they put the two together. Voilà! helmet hub was born.


5.Break out the Prisma Colors and linseed oil. This artist’s colored pencil illustrations are nothing short of amazing. He tracks his progress on Instagram.