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How to Build a Website No One Visits


how to build a website no one visits

Today, most websites are created based on the outdated belief that if you build it, they will come. This may have worked in the big-fish, small-pond days of dial-up, when every new website was, by virtue of its existence alone, a marvel of marketing innovation. But the small pond has evolved into a roaring ocean swarming with millions of schools of wandering websites, the majority of which are, now, by virtue of their existence, terribly insignificant. The simple combination of “attractive, informative, and intuitive” may be sufficient to support existing customers, but it won’t likely attract new ones. And while good SEO might get people to your site, without the right messaging, it won’t do much more than make your site bouncier than an Olympic trampoline. And the more booming your industry is, the bouncier your site will be. That’s why messaging is essential. (more…)

Survival of the Creative (est)


Creative Machines by Arich Harrison

In the interest of survival, we need to face reality: Robots are taking our jobs. Given this reality, then, the burning question on the minds of the wisest future-minded folks should be:

What jobs (if any) will robots never be able to do? (more…)