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A Small Detour


Not that long ago, we took a little detour from our usual type of work to explore our spiritual sides—by which I mean we designed the new Calvary the Brook website. We here at Echo seem to have an affinity for helping young businesses grow (maybe because we can relate so well), and we made no exception for the young Grand Terrace based church when they asked us if we’d be up for designing their website almost a year ago. We were happy to donate our time for this worthy cause and we are glad to finally see it up and running.

Kali Rider Site


Kali Protectives came to us looking to build a rider component to their website.  They wanted two things – a site that would let them showcase the latest exploits of their pro riders, and a site that would let aspiring amateurs create profiles and try to convince the company that they were worthy of sponsorship.  In short, they wanted us to build a small-scale social networking site for athletes.

Today, you can see the results at  Riders can log on to the company’s website, create a profile, upload photos, bring in videos from YouTube, Myspace or Vimeo, link to their profiles on other social networking sites and post their latest race results and contest wins.  It’s a pretty full-featured site.  What you won’t see when you’re cruising through is the administrative backend that lets Kali update, administer and modify the site without much help from us.

The neat thing about this project is that we were able to create something this robust for an up-and-coming company. Take a look at any of the big action-sports brands’ websites.  You likely won’t find anything like Kali’s rider site, and you certainly won’t find anything like this that was done on such a tight budget.  Kali spent a good chunk of change to have the site built, but we were able to work with them to keep it far outside the six-figure budgets many agencies would charge for this type of custom development. Launched


Somehow, we managed to launch a new site without mentioning it here. Gensun Casual Living is a Southern California designer and manufacturer of high-end outdoor furniture. We’ve been doing their photography and print advertising for several years, but we finally got to redo their website. You can check it out live, or take a look through the screen shots below.

Getting Social


Today, Mike’s giving a presentation on using social networking to market your business – and instead of giving him handouts to pass out, we thought we’d use one of our own social networking tools to share some info with a broader audience.

If you’re looking to get started in the world of social networking, but feeling a bit lost, here are a few tools that can get you going:

So you want to: Find A Blog

Resource: Technorati
What it is: Technorati allows you to search “the blogosphere” for blogs and articles that are related to your industry, product or service.

So you want to:  Find a Forum

Resource: Google
What it is: There’s no central search engine for forums, but if you use Google to search for “[YourProductOrService] and Forum”, you’re likely to find what you need.

So you want to: Start Twittering

Resource: “Use Twitter For Your Business The Right Way” from Twittip
What it is: There might not be a secret recipe for Twitter success, but this article will get you on the right path.

So you want to: Start Your Own Blog

Resource: “Should You Start A Business Blog” from Entrepreneur
What it is: Should you start a blog for your business?  What do you need to get started?  What should you write?

What it is: Google’s free blog hosting service.

What it is: A popular blog host with both free and paid options.

What it is: An elegant blogging solution with both free and paid options.

So you want to: Learn More About Social Media

What it is: Chris Brogan has a great social media blog that covers most of what you need to know to become a social media marketing guru.

What it is: Another good social media marketing blog.

Resource: “Social Media Marketing Tactics” from Seomoz
What it is: An impressively thorough article about how you can use 30 different social media sites to market your business.