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Bree’s Future Infant

05/20/2008 by Andrew Hoehn

Today, Bree finds out the gender of her infant.  We think the masses should have a say.  Vote Below.  [poll id=“2”]

UPDATE: It’s a Girl!!

Welcome to the new Echo::Factory

05/19/2008 by Andrew Hoehn

Version 1 of the Echo::Factory website lasted for about a month.  We didn’t quite fall in love with it, so we went for a pretty significant redesign.  While some pieces of the Echo::Factory site v1.1 are still in progress, (soon, you should see a bit more integration of the blog and whatnot within the rest of the site), we felt comfortable enough to go ahead and launch the sucker.

So, enjoy the new site, take a look at our portfolio, play some sudoku and let us know what you think.

Welcome to the blog.

05/18/2008 by Andrew Hoehn

You’ve found the factory blog.  Congratulations.  Your prize should be arriving in your mailbox in 4-6 weeks wrapped in a discrete package.